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Top 3 attractions in Oahu

For a place that is full of both history and tradition as well as vibrant modern culture, head to Oahu. There is so much to see and do here, but these top three attractions are a great place to start.

Culture: Polynesian Cultural Centre

At this attraction you'll have the opportunity to learn all about various Polynesian cultures - this includes Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti. With an interactive village experience, activities and games, shows and presentations, there is a whole lot to enjoy.

Whether your interest lies with Samoa or Tonga or you'd like a taste of all of many areas of the Pacific, the shows are a great option. The Islands of Samoa village presentation is one of the most popular. You'll learn how to make fire the old fashioned way - by rubbing two sticks together, crack open a coconut with just your hands, and witness traditional food preparation.

History: Pearl Harbour Tours

The infamous battle of Pearl Harbour took place right here, and there are exhibitions and tours that aim to fill you in about all of the fascinating facts about this momentous occasion in history.

A featured tour is The Complete Pearl Harbour Tour. This is an extensive experience that will take you to the USS Arizona Memorial and Pacific Aviation Museum. You'll also step aboard the USS Bowfin Submarine and USS Missouri Battleship.

Nature: Koolau Mountains

This is a significant geological feature of Oahu, stretching from the top of the South Shore to the beautiful beaches of the North Shore. The many treks will take you to some glorious features.

Along your hike, be sure to check out the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, the stunning waterfalls such as Likeke and Waimea falls and the picturesque valleys. Pali Lookout to Manuwili Falls is an easy hike along rides and down through foothills and a valley.