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Oceanfront horseback riding in Hawaii

Do you have a fantasy of riding a bareback horse alongside your partner on a moonlit beach? You both dismount in your matching, snowy-white linen outfits to let the horses frolic in the waves as you enjoy a private dinner picnic underneath Hawaii's coconut clad palm trees.

OK snap out of it! We're here to tell you that this fantasy could indeed become a reality - or something very close to it. Hawaii is the perfect place for your equestrian dream to come true, having loads of places to pick up a saddle and ride the day away. We've outlined a couple of oceanfront trail rides that will satisfy your needs quite nicely. Check them out below!

Hawaii Polo Trail Rides

First up we have the glorious Hawaii Polo Trail Rides. This organisation has multiple riding experiences that will suit your desires. Couples can opt for a private ride, or the oh-so romantic sunset ride, while families can go for an afternoon trot on the sunshine ride. These guided tours take you down the amazing coast of Oahu's North Shore. We're talking white sand beaches and crystal clear water - it's the ultimate ride no matter the package you select!

Happy Trails Ko'olau Mountain Horseback Riding Tour

This trip takes you up into the scenic mountainside, giving you a break from the waves for a view of the breathtaking countryside of Waimea Valley. Don't worry, you won't be far from the Pacific Ocean. Instead you'll have panoramic views of the water from above. But this trail also gives you access to tropical orchards, sun-soaked forests and luscious ranch land. This is a great tour for beginners too because each group has a little time to get comfortable in the saddle taking off.

Area resorts horseback riding 

The north shore has many other trail riding experiences that takes you along the scenic coastline of Oahu's North Shore. Pass under palm trees and hike trails that overlook the pristine beaches and water below. These resorts provide you with everything from the specialty evening ride to the sunset ride, and even tours for advanced riders that let you get your horse into a full canter.

Now you're ready to saddle up and hit the trails with your family or significant other. Horseback riding on the beaches of Hawaii is certainly going to be a one-of-a-kind experience that you'll never forget!