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No more fussy eaters: Family-friendly dining in Hawaii

If there's ever a place to rid your children of their fussy eating habits once and for all, it's Hawai'i. Surrounded by beauty and enriched by the giddiness that only sunshine can cause, they're perfectly poised to embrace new ingredients and dishes with a gusto. Failing that, many of Hawaii's restaurants offer specially designed kids' menus, so there's always the classic burger-and-fries combo to fall back on!

Big Island

Start your holiday off on the right foot with a classic Hawaiian luau on the Big Island. This traditional experience combines food with the best of Polynesian culture and entertainment, taking place at sunset for an extra-exciting treat for the kids. If they're adventurous eaters they'll enjoy kalua pig cooked in an earth oven (imu), while even those with the most undeveloped palate would be hard-pressed not to fall in love with haupia, also known as coconut pudding.

Keii Cafe is as perfectly delightful place to take your kids, and the fact the restaurant is family-owned and operated itself gives this destination a welcoming, warm feel. Treat your brood to dishes such as rib eye steak, roasted pork chops and seafood pasta, topped off with a freshly baked mango cobbler and ice cream.


Head to Honolulu to fall in love with Hawaiian cuisine, and teach your kids a thing or two about what it means to eat well. The Yard House is one enticing location that not only caters to kids, but it has a menu devoted entirely to them. The impressive range of meals offers delights such as spaghetti and meatballs, Korean barbeque beef and chicken noodle soup, all of which are served up with a drink and the choice of a range of sides including fresh fruit, parmesan mashed potatoes, edamame and the classic French fries. This is perfect for kids who want to be a little bit adventurous while still enjoying some of their favourite foods.

The Hula Grill Waikiki is another restaurant kids and parents alike will love, with an oceanfront setting that has to be seen to be believed. The special Keikei menu is perfectly suited to your little ones, offering small-scale versions of dishes such as pasta with marinara sauce, grilled fresh fish and rice, mango barbeque ribs and a vanilla sundae for a post-dinner sweet treat. Adults, meanwhile, are spoilt for choice with impressive wine and cocktail menus alongside crab and macadamia nut wontons, fresh oysters and fresh Hawaiian fish.


Don't leave Hawaii without getting your fill of fresh seafood. Paia Fish Market is one restaurant where you can eat fish and other ocean treats to your heart's content. Dishes such as fish and chips and calamari and chips will please palates of all ages, but it's the freshness of the fish and the skill with which they're cooked that make these meals exquisite. There are also pasta options, salads and charbroiled burgers, plus a shrimp and chips option for the little ones.

Take the heat off with Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice, which says it serves the best shaved ice in the world - you've got to try it after a claim like that! Using pure cane sugar, natural fruit juices and extracts, concentrates and premium purees, love and care is put into every single chilled treat. Look for mouth-watering flavours such as wedding cake, pink bubble gum and cotton candy on the menu.