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How to enjoy tubing down Hawaii's laziest rivers

When you're at a water park, everyone loves to take a couple of laps around the lazy river attraction. Sometimes, it's nice to give your emotions a break from all the other more aggressive rides. But when you go to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, you're basically stepping into a giant water park with its abundance of cascading waterfalls, ebbing tides and coursing rivers. There's aquatic fun around every corner.

This brings us back to the good old lazy river. Hawaii has heaps of amazing rivers that will that are perfect for a day of lounging in some inner tubes and floating the day away. Stick with us, we'll teach you about all the exciting twists and turns of the ultimate lazy river and how to enjoy it.

Head to Kauai's canal 

The most popular lazy river in Hawaii is located on the island of Kauai. This is because the river is actually a canal that was constructed 150 years ago, and as such doesn't have any of the scary rapids or waterfalls that might interrupt a natural waterway. Sugar Cane Canal's quaint current takes tubers through lush forests, bubbly rapids and a handful of tunnels that can get a little dark, but are worth the ride.

Now that you have a little background on the lazy river itself, we'll give you some tips on how to make the most of a day on the river.


Bring your own float! These days there are tons of cool flotation devices out there, so there's no excuse for everyone not to have their own custom float. Everything from flamingos to pizza shaped rafts are on the table, just take your pick!

Don't skimp on snacks

As you can imagine, when you're floating down a river all day, it can be hard to pull over and find some nearby grub. Pack some snacks in some waterproof containers and baggies so you don't get too starved on your journey.

Pack spare sunscreen 

Sun naturally reflects off of water and as such will reflect right on to you as well, so it's important to lather up the sunscreen before you go. Plus, once you've been splashing around for a bit you're going to need to reapply or risk being burnt to a crisp! Extra sunscreen and some bottled water to ensure you stay hydrated are an absolute must.

There are also tour groups that you can participate in if you're more interested in a guided adventure! The choice is yours, go have fun!