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How can you stick to your New Year's resolution in Hawaii?

We're almost at the end of January which means that 2016 has well and truly begun - and with it, came people's New Year's resolutions. According to Statistic Brain, 45 per cent of Americans will usually set some goals for themselves in January, the most common of which are getting in shape and saving more money. That's a lot of positivity and motivation to start the year with!

Despite this, the same source shows that only 8 per cent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions - that's a shocking 92 per cent that fail. With February just about to start, for many of us this is the point of the year that decides whether or not our 2016 goals will stick.

It's especially easy to neglect these goals when you're on holiday in an ultra relaxed place like Hawaii. But this doesn't have to be the case. Here are a few tips that will help keep you committed to your 2016 goals, even while you're on vacation.

Be more healthy and get in shape

At first glance, it might seem difficult to stick to a health-related resolution while you're on holiday, but it's actually surprisingly easy, especially in a place like Hawaii. These islands are rich with organic and healthy food that is delicious to boot, so eating well should be easy. Smoked fish, marinated mussels and fresh platters of fruit will become your dietary staples.

When it comes to exercise, try to do one active thing, such as snorkelling, kayaking or surfing every few days. This said, there's one exception: It's important to take a day (two, if you're feeling particularly generous) out of your itinerary to simply do nothing. Laze around and let yourself relax and unwind. After all, your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

Spend less money

Going on a vacation admittedly puts a dent in your wallet, but that dent needn't be a crater. It's important to recognise that you can still have a good time while being frugal on holiday.

Planning everything in advance is the best way to save those precious dollars. Figure out your meals, travel routes and daycare so you won't have to spend extra at the last minute. Another fantastic way to have an economical vacation is to buy a package holiday. These deals typically include things like childcare and meals, so they often end up being less expensive than purchasing everything separately.

A Hawaiian holiday won't tarnish your New Year's resolutions - if anything, it'll help you commit to them all the more!