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A very important guide to Hawaii's very best street meat

Street meat. You know it, you love it, you need it. It's the fuel of a weary traveller who just needs a quick bite to keep going. However, get the wrong kind and it might just bite back, so you have to know where to find the best of the best. Especially in a foreign country.

Real quick: For those who don't know, street meat is the delicious variety of meats that money can buy off the street, typically found in bustling markets.

So you see, it's a delicious yet simple, yet delicate concept. You cannot get just any street meat - you need to get the flavours of the country. And trust us, Hawaii has some amazing zest to its concoctions. Let's take a look at some of your options.


We're including fish in this category of street meat because that's what Hawaiians do best. For many, Poke is known affectionately as "Hawaii's hamburger." It is popularly served with seaweed, sesame seeds, onions and some type of spicy mayo.

Huli huli chicken

Now we're cooking, cooking! The word 'huli' is Hawaiian for 'turn'. This scrumptious dish is doused with a healthy serving of sweet soy sauce and then turned a couple of times on the grill, caramelising the meat, ultimately making it super juicy. This is a classic roadside dish you simply can't drive by.

Fish tacos 

You haven't had fish tacos until you've had Hawaiian fish tacos. These are served in most restaurants, but won't they taste just a little bit better when you're running around the island and exploring, taco in hand? If you're a true wanderer, the answer is undeniably yes.

Garlic shrimp skewers 

It's almost impossible to serve shrimp wrong. However, once you try the garlic shrimp in Hawaii, you might never go back to any other type. The succulent taste of shrimp paired with tangy garlic sauce is a mouthwatering treat that you have hunt down while on holiday.

Find these foods in markets, roadside stands or food trucks all over the islands that make up the beautiful Hawaii and you won't leave unsatisfied - it's enough to keep all types of travellers more than satisfied. Taste for yourself!