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5 recommendations for your first Hawaiian holiday

5 recommendations for your first Hawaiian holiday


Are you ready for your first Hawaiian family holiday? Have you got certain expectations? Take note, it's not all grass skirts, hula dances and floral printed shirts.

Hawaii's reputation as one of the most picturesque archipelagos in the world absolutely lives up to the hype. The region offers an abundance of activities from hiking and outdoor adventures including catching a wave at the world renowned Pipeline and other worthy surfing beaches.

But, if you prefer to drop a few dollars instead of a few waves, Hawaii is the destination for shopping - from High Street to high end Hawaii has it all. It also has a vast and rich local history. From the native's story to more recent history and that of the ill-fated attack on Pearl Harbour in World War 2, creating your itinerary can often prove a challenge.

Let us help you get to all the good stuff in Hawaii - here's our list of the top five things you and the family can do when you arrive.

1. Water activities in Hawaii

You're probably going to spend quite a bit of time at the beach, but we recommend you do more than just lay there soaking up the sun! Try your hand in tackling the world-famous surf, there are waves for all skill levels, and instructors for those just starting out.

Paddleboarding is also a common and fun sport that the whole family can get around. Or, if you'd like a sturdier vessel, grab a whale watching tour and head to sea with your eyes peeled for North Pacific humpback whales. About 10,000 arrive in Hawaii during January and March to reproduce near Maui.

But don't stick to above the water activities. Hawaii has some of the best reefs in the world - pick any island and get snorkelling, you can't go wrong.

2. Nature walks around Hawaii

Hawaii's geography is absolutely stunning - from the reefs under the waves to the golden sand beaches, past the palm trees, up to the green mountain, and everything in between, it's all wonderful.

Take it all in with a hike up Haleakala (a dormant volcano) on the island of Maui, and double the beauty with a morning hike that catches the sunrise.

Head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and tour the Chain of Craters Road so you can get a glimpse at a real volcanic eruption of Kilauea Volcano.

3. Explore Waikiki

Located on the southern shore of Honolulu, Waikiki is one of Hawaii's most famous spots. This is where Hawaii's royal family used to reside, and you can see why once you visit. It has some of the most beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and cultural activities you could ever want.

4. Eat traditional Hawaiian food

Hawaii is known for many of its tropical flavours, but there are some you just can't miss. Here's our list of traditional Hawaiian food that your whole family will love:

    • Poke (raw fish, seaweed and kukui nuts)

    • Manapua (similar to Chinese bao)

    • Saimin (zesty ramen)

    • Huli Huli Chicken (sweet, teriyaki based grilled chicken)

    • Loco Moco (beef patty fried with egg, gravy and rice)

    • Malasadas (doughnuts with a tropical fruit filling)

5. Take in Hawaii's culture

You've heard of the hula dances and fire breathing at a luau, and you can experience all of those, but there's so much more to the islands than just these acts. These are part of a whole celebration, many of which educate tourists about Hawaii's history. The locals are more than happy for you to take part in the parties as well!

If you need any further help planning your holiday, or finding Hawaii holiday deals and packages, contact our team today!