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4 of Hawaii's best souvenirs to take home

White sandy beaches, clear blue water, fluffy green palm trees, wispy hula skirts and 24/7 relaxation. That's holiday life in Hawaii. You only get so much time off a year, so you have to make the most of it, and a trip with the family to the Aloha State is the precise definition of 'making the most of it'. While the fun-loving, free-spirited culture is unforgettable, you will still want to pick up a few pieces of memorabilia for post-holiday reminiscing.

Bringing back a slice of island life is a wonderful gesture that reminds loved ones that you were thinking of them. Better yet, who doesn't love to kill two birds with one stone by turning holiday shopping into Christmas gift shopping? The only thing that holds people back from really getting extravagant with souvenirs is the irritating limitation of luggage. But wouldn't you know it, there's a solution for that.

Your generosity shouldn't be limited to 22 kg like most airlines subject passengers to. Hawaiian Airlines was thinking of you while you were thinking of loved ones. Save those 22 kgs for yourself, and use the extra 10 to stock up on all the heartwarming gifts you plan on sharing. That's right - you get two 32 kg bags per person plus a cabin carry on. It's truly Christmas come early.

Now the only question is what do you get with all that extra space? Have a look at the four best souvenirs to gift the family back at home.

1. Personalised jewellery

Hawaiian jewellery is unique because it can be handmade and personalised for you or a loved one. There are many different materials that go into this jewellery. Ni'ihau shell necklaces are one of the more iconic pieces, however, there are many other options including larger puka shells and pearl clad arrangements. Of course, tourists also gravitate to the more chunky Koa wood which are handcrafted by locals.

2. Coffee beans

For coffee fanatics, there's really nothing better than discovering a new bean that turns into a rich brew. Local Hawaiian coffee is well known worldwide, and Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu each have their distinct flavour. No matter which island you're on you can't pick wrong. Package this with an island themed mug and maybe even some coconut milk for a playful touch and you've got a great gift.

3. Hawaiian shirts

Go all in and get the family a few pieces of signature Hawaiian garb. An authentic Hawaiian Aloha shirt is a gift that really keeps on giving. These bright floral patterns were designed by island tailors back in the 1930s and have become a staple of their culture ever since. These shirts make brilliant gifts, as owners can sport them everywhere - from the beach to a barbecue.

4. Lei and hula skirt set

Another great, traditional gift is the lei and hula skirt set. These are one of the island's quintessential elements, plus they're pretty fun to play with. If you took a hula dancing lesson or two, try teaching some of the moves to the recipient so you can keep sharing what you learned about a new culture.

Do you have flexible holiday time? Don't forget that you can really maximise on your holiday gift giving around the Black Friday Thanksgiving shopping. As long as you follow these suggestions and avoid trying to pass a postcard as a legitimate gift you should be good to go!