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Why should you visit Beqa Lagoon?

Beqa Island is just 10 kilometres off Viti Levu, and Beqa Lagoon is arguably the best place to go diving on the Coral Coast. It's a combination of the location, marine life and diving instructors that makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The diving 

The Beqa shark dive is one of the best not only in Fiji, but the world. Here you'll come across eight species of sharks, primarily Bull Sharks, but also Gray Reefs, Whitetips, Blacktips, Tawny Nurses, Lemon Sharks and Silvertips are also frequent visitors. Tiger sharks are truly spectacular and majestic, gliding through this underwater world with ease. Along with sharks, you'll see a plethora of tropical fish and magnificent structures and fields of coral.

South Pacific Adventure Divers (SPAD), has been operating since 1998 and will take you to Beqa to go experience the ocean like you never have before, meeting sharks and fish. With this tourism company, you'll depart at 8:00am on Saturday or Monday. The whole experience will cost you $360 and whether you're well-experienced or just a beginner, you'll be able to enjoy this activity.

The beaches

There are nine villages dotted throughout the island. Many are known for their authentic, rustic and simple way of life, with traditions such as fire-walking still practiced often. On your visit, be sure to check out Paradise Beach. This is a hidden away wonderland, with tropical rainforest, waterfalls, white beaches and bright blue waters.

With various tourism providers you can have a day trip that includes a visit to the beach as well as some of the villages. The Fierce Firewalkers, Paradise Sunset Cruise involves dinner on the island, mouth-dropping performances involving legends, rituals and warriors, and one of the best sunsets you're likely to see.