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The necessities of enjoying a romantic evening in Fiji

Every holiday needs a night of romance. Those evenings when you sit across the table from your partner, staring into their eyes and saying nothing, nothing at all because you don't have to! But there's much more that goes into a romantic night in Fiji than just picking the right restaurant - on no, there's much more to it than that.

Fear not, we'll help you get ready for your romantic evening in real style. Just check out our tips on how you can prep yourself for an evening filled with romance.

Spend the morning on the beach 

Don't overexert yourself today. Start your morning relaxing in the warm sun on the beach. In Fiji, there's really no 'best' beach - so just pick your favourite sport and get your tan on. Make sure to put on your sunscreen though! You don't want to get a sunburn before your big night.

Soak the afternoon away in the Sabeto Hot Springs 

Next make your skin silky smooth by enjoying an afternoon in the natural Sabeto Hot Springs. These geothermal springs have therapeutic properties that will enrich your skin with fortifying vitamins and minerals. Be sure to slop on all the mud to really get the best results. Experts say it's best to put the mud on and then lay out in the sun until it dries. Then get in, and wash the mud away. After this, you'll look irresistible. Once you're totally relaxed, it's time to leave and get ready!

Shop for a new outfit 

On your way home, check out some of the local shops and see if you can't find yourself a new outfit! Fijian dresses called the sulu have beautiful floral patterns and are similar to a sarong. Pick up some new jewellery or pair your new dress with some old favourites.

Dinner with a view 

Never do dinner without a view -  whether that be beside the beach that you lounged on earlier, or a nearby cliffside overlooking the water. Even if you are just going to be staring into each other's eyes all night long, you know you really can't go wrong with either option. Just don't forget to look up and enjoy the scenery every now and then!

One thing is for certain, this isn't just a night to remember, it's a whole day! Make all your reservations well in advance so everything is just right for your romantic evening in Fiji.