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The 'interesting' tropical fruits of Fiji

Have you ever had to do a double take when walking past a market vendor's stall because you weren't sure exactly what was happening there - are those bugs, or is that fruit? Seems like an odd distinction you'd have to make between two very different things, but in Fiji, some of the fruit really does look alive.

Let's go over a quick rundown of what to do when you come across these oh-so interesting Fijian fruits on your holiday.


Aka, the horned melon. Crack it open and for a moment it may seem as though you're staring at an alien - it has gooey green seeds that feel like they're gazing back at you. But this fruit has some serious health benefits so it's well worth exploring. The extraterrestrial-looking fruit helps promote weight loss, eye health and mental development, so it definitely won't hurt you to sample.


This is the buggiest fruit of them all. The red fruit is covered in spiny legs that look as if they want to reach out and cling to you in passing. But you won't want to pass anyway because it's such an interesting looking creature. If you're brave enough to break into it, you might think you've squished a bug - the insides consist of a sweet white jelly-like substance. But give it a try, and you'll see that it melts in your mouth in the sweetest of ways.


Here's another monster-looking fruit. It's Hulk-green skin is covered with horns, but don't let that deter you. Once open it resembles a fruit, but tastes like a creamy fusion of strawberries and pineapples. After you get over its odd appearance, it doesn't sound like a hard sell, does it?

What do you do with all this weird fruit?

Chow down! Chop all that sweet goodness up and throw it into a fruit salad or just enjoy on its own. It's hard to come across flavours like this, so you can't waste your trip! Grab all the ones you're willing to try, as well as some of the classic tropical sweets like papaya, mango and passionfruit, and head to the kitchen to whip yourself up a delicious Fijian fruit salad.

Head to the Fijian street markets to get the best prices on these unique local fruits, and don't forget - be brave!