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The holiday attraction for animal lovers

When you're headed to the sunny paradise that is Fiji with your family in tow, Kula Eco Park is a must. Animal lovers will especially like this attraction, which is the only wildlife park in the island country.

What makes this place special?

The park really is a hidden gem, with many people not even realising it exists. Since the park was revamped in 1997, the team at Kula have been working to preserve the natural beauty of the land while also bringing together native bird, reptile and marine life.

While you're there, enjoy the nature walk that takes you through stretches of indigenous forests. Raised boardwalks take you from the ground into the canopy, providing you access to far reaches of the natural wonderland. You're also bound to see numerous endangered species from the area, as this is the only captive breeding facility in Fiji. Along the way there are rest areas and lookouts, so you can have a moment to take it all in.

You'll walk through massive enclosures that put you right up close with the wildlife, whether doves, parrots or iguanas. Learn more about the underwater world of the ocean surrounding the islands at the marine displays. These give information about turtles, soft coral and a whole array of tropical fish.

If you have a question, and can't find the answer on the signs and displays, the staff have great knowledge and are there if you need them.

The wildlife park also frequently designs and manages special projects. The Monuriki Crested Iguana Recover and Head Start Project is the project that works to boost numbers of this striking reptile. At present, the park is home to 19 Crested Iguanas caught from Monuriki Island as well as a grand total of 33 captive bred individuals.