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The Eat, Play, Shop Family Guide to Fiji

It’s impossible not to feel relaxed in fabulous Fiji. Whether you’ve got your feet up by the pool with a book in hand or are diving into crystal clear waters. But what does the beautiful island offer families with teenagers? Here are our favourites.


While your resort’s restaurant will likely have fresh, delicious food to please your taste buds, ample dining adventures await around the island of Fiji.

 Dine the Traditional way

A trip to Fiji isn’t complete without trying a Lovo — Fiji’s equivalent of a BBQ (or a Hangi in New Zealand). Locally caught fish, meat and vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an underground oven in this mouthwatering traditional banquet.

 If you love seafood, Kokoda is for you. The juicy meal is made with white fish and soaked in a coconut cream sauce infused with onions, lemon and lime juice. To discover more local delicacies, check out our recommendations for the best seafood creations in Fiji.

 Cook it Yourself

Cooking classes are a great way to learn more about the local culture. At Flavours of Fiji Cooking SchoolIt’s impossible not to feel relaxed in fabulous Fiji. Whether you’ve got your feet up by the pool with a book in hand or are diving into crystal clear waters. But what does the beautiful island offer families with teenagers? Here are our favourites. 


Whether you want to keep the kids entertained or join in on the fun, thrilling outdoor activities are in plentiful supply in Fiji.

 Hire a Jet Ski

Available on Fiji’s popular beaches, jet ski rides are an exhilarating way to see more of the island. Reserve your own to cruise the crystal clear water together (the general rule is kids over 12 can ride, and kids over 16 can drive), or jump on the back and go for a guided tour. Either way, you’ll feel positively energised.

 Go Horse Riding

A horse ride arranged by the locals along Natadola Beach offers families the opportunity to discover Fiji’s picturesque scenery differently. Who doesn’t want to travel along the sand on horseback? Book a special tour and you’ll ride along the white, sandy beaches, venture through a rainforest and wind up at a waterfall where you can jump into the water and cool off. Bliss.

 Visit DoubleTree Resort

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel on the Coral Coast is home to loads of fun activities for kids and adults alike. Competitive families can play outdoor paintball or battle over a game of table tennis. Water babies can do everything from water skiing and scuba diving to fishing. Whatever adventure you choose, there’ll never be a dull moment.


Fiji’s local markets are the perfect place to purchase souvenirs or get your hands on fresh food to snack on. Traditional art makes for a lovely gift, as does the handmade jewellery you’ll be able to pick up at one of the bustling weekly events.

 Sigatoka Market

A multisensory experience awaits you at Sigatoka Market, where you can shop for tropical fruit and vegetables, homemade produce and fragrant spices. You can even take home a floor mat handmade by the local ladies. Even if you don’t purchase anything, the market is a unique experience for the whole family. Taxis to the markets can be arranged by your resort.

 Suva Curio and Handicraft Market

If you’re looking for treasures to take home, Suva Curio and Handicraft Market is a must-visit. Laden with handmade gifts, the markets are an adventure in themselves. Make sure you teach the kids how to barter!

 Suva Flea Market

From fresh seafood to Hawaiian shirts, and even custom made saris, Suva FleaMarket is more than a shopping excursion — it’s an immersive cultural experience. The market is located on Viti Levu, which is Fiji’s main island.


There’s a photo opportunity wherever you go in Fiji, but these spots are sure to sit beautifully within your photo album or Instagram feed.

 Natadola Beach

Snap a photo of the family horse riding or simply stand in front of the crystal clear water at Natadola Beach for a postcard-worthy shot.

 Monuriki Island

If you don’t mind venturing out to get the perfect shot, visit Monuriki Island. It was made famous in the 2000’s Tom Hanks film Cast Away, so you’ll have a great story to bring home with you, too. South Sea Cruises offer day trips to the island starting from AUD$120 per person.

 Under The Water

Fiji’s vast ocean is brimming with incredible marine life. Capture your kids swimming with the fish, sea turtles and even sharks. These photos will conjure amazing (or terrifying!) memories for years to come.

Fiji makes for an incredible island escape all year round. Get in touch with our Hoot Holiday Champions to arrange your happiest holiday yet at one of the many amazing Fiji family resorts.