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The best surfing spots in Fiji

Surprise any surfers in your family with a trip to Fiji! This destination is one of the best in the world for this watery sport. Here are some spots you should definitely check out next time you're there.

Intermediate surfers

There are a number of breaks that will suit surfers with some experience on both Kadavu and Viti Levu. King Kong is in Kadavu and is known for being breathtaking and thrilling. This is a sheltered left and right reef break where you will likely have free reign of the waves. The length of the ride ranges between 50-100m.

Hideaway on Viti Levu is a right hand reef break that is also situated over coral. It's right next to the Hideaway Resort and Spa, the beautiful bungalow accommodation. Mini Break and Pipe, on Viti Levu, are also amazing surfing spots. You can get to Mini Break by boat, and Pope is another great place to go snorkelling. Contact Waidroka Bay Surf Resort to organise a lift to this spot, and in no time you'll be riding the waves.

Expert surfers

If you have a teenager who loves surfing and is a bit of a pro, there are a number of places that will suit an expert surfer. Black Rock, Cloudbreak, Lighthouse Rights and Mata Point are all on Viti Levu. These places are right hand reef breaks but there is something special and unique at each.

Black Rock is the place to also take along your snorkel, whereas Lighthouse Rights and Mata Point are hidden gems, where you'll be free from crowds. For some, such as Mata Point, you will have to take a boat out, but it'll be worth the ride when you're sailing over the sea on your surfboard.