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The best seafood creations in Fiji

If you enjoy travelling to destinations for their fresh seafood catches, then you have to make your way to Fiji for your next getaway! Here, fish often makes up the main course of the meal as there is an abundance of many tropical and flavourful varieties swimming about. These meals are infused with exotic tastes and spices gathered from local markets or from spicy countries like India. Check out some of the best seafood creations that will have your mouth absolutely watering.


Kokoda is hands down one of the most popular dishes in Fiji. And no wonder!  This juicy meal is made with white fish, typically mahi-mahi, and soaked in a coconut cream sauce infused with onions, lemon and lime juice and tossed with salt and chilies. It's left to cook for a couple of hours, chilled and then served to you nice and cool. Many say it's similar to ceviche. Depending on the restaurant, you'll find it is prepared differently, but also that you can't go wrong!

Baigan Valo

What do you get when you have an eggplant stuffed with fish and covered with a coconut cream? Steam it all together and you have a Baigan Valo! Marrying some of Fiji's freshest ingredients - for the record, we're talking about the fish, local produce, coconut and zesty spices - and you've got a winning combination that will undoubtedly delight your taste buds.


Next up we have our option for more adventurous seafood fans: Nama. Fijians affectionately refer to this delicacy as 'sea grapes.' You can pop these little pods like candy, though they are often mixed with more main parts of bigger dishes, or just used as a tasty side treat. You can find these sea grapes floating in the shallows, though you're probably better off getting this snack from a local market. Chefs prepare them in stews or leave them raw in a fresh salad.

Fish and chips

Of course, you can never go wrong with some good old fish and chips! While many of the fish dishes are prepared steamed, it's nice to have the option to indulge in some fried food from time to time. Plus, there are so many varieties of fish to try you'll never go hungry.

Are your taste buds tantalised yet? Hop on over to Fiji to sample these dishes, and many more like them!