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Sink in to the Sabeto Hot Springs in Fiji

Fiji is one of those destinations that is known as a luxurious getaway. You hear Fiji and immediately envision sparkling blue water, golden beaches and afternoons of what feels like endless sunshine, followed by romantic evenings watching sunsets.

Yes, Fiji is certainly a tropical paradise waiting to spoil you on your next visit. Speaking of spoiling, if you've planned a trip to this tropical island, then there is absolutely one experience you must make time to do. Check out the magnificent Sabeto Hot Springs, and sink into one of the world's cosiest natural gifts.

The Sabeto Hot Springs 

We all know that organic is better for you, hence why you must indulge in the natural Sabeto Hot Springs. This spring in particular smells of sulphur, however once you get used to it, it can be highly therapeutic. In total there are three springs of varying temperatures, so you can pick your poison and slip right in. It's hard to explain, but there's something deeply comforting about being caked in muck. Perhaps it's the silky feel of the heavy mud, or the fact that it feels like your body is being hugged by a warm down comforter.

Believe it or not, there are also a number of health benefits to submerging yourself in sulphur smelling mud! Before you embark for this unexpected little oasis, read up on its soothing mineral properties here. Perhaps some of these properties explain why we are so inexplicably comforted by it.

The minerals are great for skin and hair

For many people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or just general dry skin, hot springs can do wonders! The mud contains a high silica content that has the ability to freshen up rough skin. Sulphur is well known throughout the beauty industry for being great for skin care. Other minerals include calcium and iron, which help plump skin and restore oxygen to cells. Of course, these minerals are good for all types of skin, so jump on in!

Many say the best technique for really reaping the benefits of the infused mud is to cake yourself in it, sit out until it dries and then pop back in the water and rinse off. It should start to feel tight and a bit itchy, but don't worry that just means it's working! Once you rinse off, your skin will feel silky smooth.

And as an added bonus, the mud is also great for your hair. Baking in the Fiji sun all day can strip some of the natural oils from your hair and leave locks dry and brittle. The mud acts as a deep conditioning treatment, and just like the minerals help the skin, they also promote the restoration of moisture to your hair follicles.

It acts as a natural pain and stress reliever 

Feeling a bit stiff? Hot springs are a blessing for those who live with chronic muscle pains, or even for people who have just gotten back from a long hike. Your body is naturally buoyant in water therefore it relieves pressure from muscles and joints. Once you feel your body relax, your mind will follow.

Hot springs have the amazing ability to reduce stress. When you take a deep breath, inhaling the minerals lift your worries right away. And just like a warm bath, the water lulls you into peaceful state, preparing your body for a deep sleep. Wake up the next day after visiting a hot spring and you're going to feel like a new person.

Can you think of a better way to relax than a dip in the Sabeto Hot Spring? Try it for yourself!