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Simple tricks to avoid getting sick before your Fiji vacation

You've had you Fiji getaway planned for months and now it's almost here. With just a few days to go, it feels like the anticipation could kill you - and then suddenly, a sneeze. Oh no.

Not a cold. Anything but a cold!

We know you'd rather be climbing Fijian volcanoes rather than making mountains of tissues next to your sick bed, so we'll give you some key advice on how to do just that.

Before you leave

Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of an upcoming trip like a little bit of upchuck. This means you need to avoid getting sick before you leave on vacation. Make sure your body is in tip-top, germ fighting shape. Drink plenty of water, take a daily dose of fortifying vitamins, especially vitamin C and load up on supplements like zinc. Even garlic is a known immune booster - so stir some of that into your favourite dishes not just for extra flavour, but extra fighting power.

Finally, be a little more cautious than you normally might be when out in public. If you hear someone coughing or sniffling politely attempt to remove yourself from their vicinity. Wash your hands with soap and hot water and you'll be putting up the best protection you can.

En route to the resort

You're not in the clear just because you've started the vacation without a sniffle. Airports and planes - or pretty much any type of public transportation - can be cesspools for germs (and that's only being a little dramatic). Once you enter the airport it's important to keep to yourself as much as possible.

Washing your hands is the ultimate defence, but it's also smart idea to bring a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer along with you in case you can't get to a bathroom to wash your hands when you need to. Another safe bet is to bring a scarf that you can use to cover your nose and mouth in case the going gets tough and you can't escape a sneezer. It's not fool-proof, but it'll act as a little filter at least.

When in paradise

Unfortunately, you can get sick, even in paradise. Our immune systems naturally become more vulnerable when we enter a foreign territory - and this is especially true if you've also had to cross a time zone or two as your body tends to be a little off keel when it has to readjust like this. However, you might find that the tips for staying healthy while on vacation are not too strenuous, in fact, they're pretty agreeable.

First things first, to help get your body on island time all you have to do is sleep. Or rest as much as possible. Take your relaxation to the beach or spend the day just snuggling in your room, either way you're on vacation so catching up on some z's shouldn't be asking too much, should it? After that, it's important to stay on that vitamin and supplement regimen so you keep that immune system up. However, now you can start to add some of the local fruits and vegetables in for a yummy new way to stock up.

Don't forget to pack any medications you think you might need along the way. You wouldn't want allergies or even just a simple headache to turn into something worse if they go untreated. So it's better to be safe than sorry!

Well there you have it. No need to be nervous before your big holiday. Just keep your hands away from your face, take plenty of vitamins and you're ready for your trip to Fiji!