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Seven ways to nail your Coral Coast Holiday

Shangri La's Fijian Resort & Spa

The ‘perfect holiday’ means different things to different people. But there are some traits to a Fijian holiday that really make it one to remember, no matter your holiday style.

 We’ve pulled together seven simple ways to nail your Coral Coast holiday.

 1.   Chill the hell out: We’re getting the most obvious one out of the way first up. Forget your routines and daily stressors and take a real break from reality. Lose yourself in a good book or three and soak up some vitamin D. If you’re not regularly falling asleep by the pool or totally losing track of the time, you’re not doing it right.

 2.   Venture into a local village: How close you’ll be to surrounding Fiji villages depends on where you stay, but if possible, take a walk to a local village and meet some friendly faces. If you’re staying at the Outrigger Fiji beach resort, Malevu Village is just a five-minute walk from the resort and the people are beautiful and often more than happy to let you stroll around their village or even enter their homes.

 3.   Eat corn off the side of the road: On the main road through the Coral Coast, you will see oodles of food stalls on the sides of the road. Do yourself a favour and stop for a steaming hot cob of corn which will cost you FJD$1 and you can have it barbecued or boiled. Not only are you helping out the locals, but it’s damn delicious!

 4.   Commit to cocktail o’clock: Every evening at about 7-8pm, the sun starts heading down and the sky puts on a magical colour show. Welcome to cocktail o’clock. Grab your favourite fruity fusion from the resort bar and marvel at the stunning sunset. Enjoying this every night should be the only time-related appointment on your daily routine.

Cocktail Time

 5.   Wake up with the sun: Unless you’ve got an early tour booked or are a better sleeper than the dead, don’t you dare set an alarm. They put those sheer curtains in hotel rooms for a reason – so you can keep the bulky block-out curtains open and rise with the sun. Our bodies are conditioned to follow the sun’s sleeping patterns, so as it starts peeking through your curtains, your body will slowly begin to wake. It’s a whole lot more relaxing than the jolting of a siren alarm clock.

6.   Talk to the staff: There are hundreds of Fijian people working at the resort you’re staying at so make sure you spark up a conversation and get their recommendations on what to see, do, eat and drink. After all, they are the experts in their own country.

 Paddle Boarding Warwick Fiji

7.   Get on the water: They call it the Coral Coast for a reason - it has some amazing coral to check out. Make sure you get out on the reef for a snorkel, or better yet a dive if you’re qualified. If you really want to nail your trip, invest in a GoPro or underwater housing for your camera so you can capture those bright, beautiful pictures you’ve been obsessing over on travel bloggers’ social media pages.

 Now you’ve got the simple seven-point checklist, what are you waiting for? Your Fiji Coral Coast holiday is waiting.