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Partying safely in Fiji: what you need to know


Going out to party can put tourists in a vulnerable position. Things can easily go wrong when you're in a crowd of strangers late at night and under the influence of alcohol. However, there is no reason you can't enjoy the nightlife in Fiji as much as the beaches. All you need is to prepare yourself with knowledge and follow some simple guidelines.

How to stay safe while partying in Fiji

The most important thing is to know your limits and try balance having a good time with keeping control of your senses. You don't want to encounter theft, sexual assault or other violent crimes while partying as a tourist! Keep these tips in mind to celebrate safely. These tips will help you party safely in Fiji.

  • Go out in a group. That way you can keep an eye on each other and you're less likely to be singled out as a target. Also, make sure everyone knows how to get back to where you are staying before going out.

  • Watch your things. One of the greatest risks you face when partying in Fiji is losing your personal possessions. Opportunistic thieves will snap up your phone or wallet if they get the chance. Protect yourself by denying thieves that chance! Only take as much cash as you think you'll need, and if you need to take your phone out with you, keep it close to your body rather than poking out of your back pocket. Leave valuables that could make you a target, such as expensive jewellery or watches, in your hotel room.

  • Don't walk alone at night. Take taxis to get back to your accommodation, instead of walking home. Downtown Suva is an especially risky place to find yourself wandering alone at night.

  • Exercise good judgement. When men are out partying, they can be approached by locals offering them marijuana or prostitutes. Both are illegal, so stay safe and steer clear.

  • Don't go for a night-swim. Many party places in Fiji are near water - but you should never attempt a midnight swim if you have been drinking!

The rules and regulations

Part of understanding nightlife safety in Fiji is educating yourself on Fiji's alcohol laws. Firstly, the legal drinking age is 18. Secondly, you should know when to stop partying in Fiji - it is illegal to show up at an airport, or get on a plane, while under the influence of alcohol. To stay safe, don't drink heavily the night before your flight, and certainly not the day of.

You should also bear in mind that public nudity is illegal. To stay safe while partying in Fiji, and within the law, keep your clothes on (that means no midnight skinny dipping).

Fiji has very strict laws around drug use, so keep jail time off the itinerary by sticking to alcohol while partying in Fiji. Convictions are no joke - possession of marijuana, no matter how small the amount, comes with a three-month prison sentence.

Staying safe while partying in Fiji means you can fully enjoy the good times the country has to offer. For sun, fun and relaxation, a getaway to Fiji could be exactly what you need!