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Learn to cook in Fiji

A wonderfully unique way to experience the culture of your holiday destination is to take a cooking class!

What is the authentic cuisine of Fiji?

Fiji is known for a few dishes in particular that make use of the seafood and succulent fruits found on and around the islands.

One such dish is Palusami. This dish uses corned beef or fish baked with coconut milk in taro leaves. Served hot or cold it's a truly tantalising dish.

Another dish is Kokodo or Kokoda. This has been replicated throughout the Pacific, and is somewhat similar to Ceviche, the South American dish. Kokodo is made from raw Mahi-mahi fish and a tangy and zesty dressing. Made from coconut cream, onion, lemon or lime juice, salt and chilies, the dressing essentially cooks the fish.

Where can you learn to cook?

Flavours of Fiji situated on Denarau Island will take you on an adventure into the world of Fijian cuisine, and is a totally hands on activity.

You will learn from experienced local chefs how to cook the dishes this island nation is known for using seasonal seafood, root crops as well as local fruits and vegetables. Leave your holiday knowing how to make local style curries, chutney and sweets.

Fiji is definitely a multi-cultural society, so flavours from Melanesia, Polynesia, India, China, Rotuma and surrounding Pacific islands are showcased in these dishes.

The classes last half a day and are held every day of the week except Sunday. They're perfect for anyone, whether you're an experienced cook or total beginner. Along with new skills you'll leave full from lunch and refreshments and recipes.

With the knowledge of the chef, purpose built facility and fully equipped cooking station complete with river views, you'll be set up with everything you need to cook up a great feast.