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How to make the most of your beginners surf holiday in Fiji

How to make the most of your beginners surf holiday in Fiji


Oh, Fiji! It's one of the Pacific's most beautiful corner of the world. From hikes, snorkelling right through to surfing - this gorgeous island group can provide you with some experiences everyone at home will be jealous of.

If you're an active person just learning to surf, we do need to note that a lot of Fiji's surf locations are more geared towards intermediate and experienced surfers. But, that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it while learning the ropes!

What to know about beginners surfing in Fiji

Before we go into details, know that there are plenty of local surf experts that'll be happy to help you out. While most surf enthusiasts will bring their own boards, if you're still very much at the start of your wave-riding career, we suggest you check out one of the local surf shops for tips:

    • Fiji Surf Co

    • Malolo Surf Company

    • Adrenalin Fiji

    • Little John

    • Mamanuca Express

There you can rent gear and get some professional tips before heading out to the waves. Super convenient! When it comes to picking the ultimate Fiji surf for beginners, Natadola Beach, Resorts Left and Sigatoka are your best bets.

Keep in mind that the surf changes throughout the seasons so pick the time of the year you want to head over wisely. Generally speaking, Fiji's winter (April to October) is the best time to surf as low pressure systems tend to push the waves up higher. This means that the waves are a lot smaller during the rainy season (December to February), where you can expect afternoon showers daily.

What gear do you need to surf in Fiji?

So here's the deal: surfing in Fiji is awesome. But, you have to be aware of the fact that we're speaking about a large number of reef breaks. And as is the nature of reefs, they are sharp fellows that can give you some serious scratches on your kick-off from the rocks onto your board. Because of this, we suggest that you wear booties to protect your soles.

We'd also suggest taking a 1 millimetre wetsuit top along to the surf with you. Whilst Fiji is known for its balmy and relatively constant weather, you never know when a cooler breeze might hit. The last thing you want is to catch yourself a nasty cold while on the dream holiday to the stunning Fiji - be prepared and be protected.

Regardless of whether it's your first time visiting the South Pacific Island or you're a returning Fiji-veteran, this gorgeous spot can provide you with some fabulous moments for years to come! So, take the chance, set a date and get planning on making the most of what could be the best beginners surf holiday ever.

And don't forget to share some of your beautiful photos and videos with friends and family after!