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How to avoid getting sunburnt in Fiji

Finally, it's the moment you've been waiting for. You're on holiday, free of all life's responsibilities back at home. Now your only job is to sit back and enjoy that amazing Pacific sun on Fiji's brilliant white sand beaches. The warm rays wrap you like a cuddly blanket, and with the sounds of soft ocean waves crashing in the distance, you're asleep in no time. 

Sounds like an absolute dream, doesn't it?

Well no, not totally because it doesn't take much time under Fiji's sun to get a bad burn. And because so many of Fiji's best activities take place outside, you need to know how to best protect your skin so you don't have to hide in the shade clutching a bottle of aloe for the remainder of your trip. Don't worry, we've got you covered (pun intended) - just follow our easy steps to stay burn-free in Fiji. 

Sunscreen up

This is easy advice to follow and yet so many people think their skin is immune to the sun's rays, but you know what? It never is! So how much protection do you need? Unless you have a sensitive skin condition, you really only need to wear a water resistant SPF of 30, any less won't give you adequate protection and any more usually doesn't make too much of a difference. So 30 is the number you want to reach for.

Apply 15 minutes before you go outside for maximum protection and reapply generously every two hours (meaning you'll need to have a bottle with you as long as you're going to be away for a while). Make sure you're packing fresh lotion as the active ingredients really do get less effective over time. 

Wear protective clothing 

The skin on your face is particularly susceptible to burning as it is thinner, so you'll want to keep it covered as much as possible. Also, don't be tricked by a cloudy day. UV rays can seep through even when it's overcast, and you don't want to get burned when there's no real sun out to enjoy - that's just not fair! Therefore, when you're out and about, no matter the weather, we suggest you sport a cap with a brim wide enough to keep your face covered. 

It's also important to wear protective clothing. Just a light, linen beach cover-up will do wonders when you're not trying to (smartly) catch a tan. When you go to reapply your sunscreen, consider throwing the cover-up on so your skin has a break from the sun as the lotion sinks in. 

Seek shade occasionally 

If you're spending the whole day at the beach, you will want to find some shade every now and then so you don't totally tax your skin. Whether this means bringing an umbrella with you, or finding a palm tree to post up under, just ensure the sun doesn't wear you down. Even if you've been doing a lot of swimming and don't feel worn out from the sun, you should find cover for a quick break.

Drink plenty of water 

Always stay hydrated. The more time you spend in the sun the more you sweat and the more moisture your skin needs to stay supple. If skin starts to dry out, it won't be able to protect you from the sun as much, so it's crucial that you have water on you at all times. Plus, running around, enjoying all of Fiji's adventures can make you thirsty, so it'll be easy to drink up. However, if you want to make your water more exciting to drink, try infusing it with some of Fiji's local fruits!

As long as you're smart about it and follow our tips, you can enjoy that perfect Fiji sun all day long. Have fun on the beach!