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Go zip lining in Fiji!

If you can manage to tear yourself away from Fiji's idyllic coastline and powder-white beaches, a thrilling zip lining adventure awaits. While Fiji is well known for its beautiful coral reefs and exotic palm trees, the islands also have lush green jungles filled with wondrous caverns, clear water streams and rocky mountains to explore.

Visitors looking to experience this side of Fiji have many channels open to them, from mountain biking to cave diving. But one extremely cool way to explore this place is zip lining.

What is zip lining?

Imagine the flying fox from your days in the school yard - then multiply that by about a hundred. Zip lining involves connecting one long, very strong wire rope from one place to another, and people are secured by harnesses which are attached to the line from a platform. The minute you step off the platform you are left soaring through the tree tops, greenery all around you, the wind rushing through your hair and the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Zip lining is essentially one massive flying fox through the jungle. The hilarious thing is that, according to Zoom Ziplines, the activity was originally developed as a means of transportation, a way for workers to quickly transport people, supplies and equipment across rural areas such as the Grand Canyon, Australian outback and Costa Rican rainforest. Today, thrill seekers can delve into a zip lining excursion amidst the beautiful tropical flora of the Fijian islands.

Is it safe?

As with all adventurous activity, zip lining is perfectly safe when all proper safety instructions and requirements are followed. The lines themselves are very safe, as LiveStrong points out that the Association for Challenge Course Technology requires that all courses are checked out by a qualified third party group every year. It's important to book with a company that adheres to these safety standards.

Harnesses are also incredibly strong, designed to carry immense weights, so you can feel completely secure as you're zipping along above the treetops.

Where can you do it?

There are several places where you can partake in a zippy adventure of your own. Sleeping Giant Fiji Zipline and Zip Fiji are ideal organisations for an adrenaline-inducing excursion. Be sure to schedule a lovely afternoon at a beach or spa to end the day on a relaxing note, or if you'd like more adventure afterwards, go for a dip in a cave pool!

Whatever your holiday style, zip lining is an adventure that is sure to thrill.