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Go on a cave expedition today

In the Blue Lagoon region of Fiji you'll find the amazing natural attraction of the Sawa-i-Lau caves. This attraction is family friendly, and it's a great chance for the whole family to experience the beauty of nature firsthand.


The Sawa-i-Lau Caves are made up of ancient limestone formations that will leave you in awe. The limestone has been worn down over the centuries by crashing waves to create what you see today.

There is a well-known legend that revolves around the caves. A young Chief and his betrothed used the caves as a safe haven when her family said she was to be married to an older rival Chief. The young Chief would bring food to his love every day, until they could leave the island and start their lives together somewhere new.

These sacred caves are also known for being the resting place of Ulutini, the ancient Fijian God who is said to have 10 heads.

Take a tour

With a tourism operator, you will be lead through the caves as you're told about the history and cultural significance of the landmark. Descend some steps and you'll be struck by the majesty of the formations alight with rays that filter through the cracks.

You can choose to stop here, or venture further into the caves. To get there, you'll swim through an underwater tunnel. The guides will never leave your side when they take you to the secondary cave. The water is crystal clear, a brilliant blue colour, and warm throughout the year.

Tours can be arranged with a range of operators, often as part of a day trip or an island cruise. Another option is to hire a personal guide from the nearby village of Nabukeru. A guide is necessary to find this hidden treasure and lead you through the spectacular and mystic attraction.