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Getting out of your comfort zone in Fiji

What's the craziest thing you've ever done in your life? It's not every day that you step outside of your comfort zone, and that's okay, but shouldn't everyone have at least one story that they can entertain crowds with?

The answer is yes, you should. Such spice can be found on your next tropical island getaway to thrilling Fiji. There's no better time to test your boundaries than when you're on vacation. As such, we've listed some of the exciting activities that you can try in Fiji. Check them out and pick one - or all - to try!


This is one of the more tame activities on this list, but it'll give you a crazy rush nonetheless! You'll be pretty high up in the forest, however, even if you dislike heights you can't skip this adventure! You don't have to look down, just jump off the platform and enjoy zipping through all the greenery. There's so much to take in as it rushes by you that there's no need to try and find the forest floor below you.

White water rafting

Fancy an aquatic adventure? Kick things up to the next level and go white water rafting down the Upper Navua River. This river has relatively challenging rapids, but you'll also float by some of the most beautiful scenery in Fiji. Experience the black volcanic canyon walls, as well as the beauty of the surrounding forest and water itself.

Bungy jumping

Bungy jumping has entertained thousands of tourists for years, so there's no reason as to why it won't delight you! There's nothing quite like the feeling of propelling yourself over the side of a bridge, but that feeling of panic instantly goes away once you feel the bungee cord spring you back towards the direction you just came from.


Your natural instinct to stay firmly seated inside the plane, but once you gather up the courage to jump, trust us, skydiving over the Fiji islands is well worth it. Not only will you get a spectacular view of the islands, but you'll also get an amazing birds-eye view of the coral reefs in the crystal clear water. Don't say no to this trip!

Shark diving 

We were saving the best for last because we know jumping into open waters filled with hungry sharks isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea! But these tours happen every day and they're run by professionals, so while it might feel scary, this type of swimming with the fishes is a pretty safe activity! There are several different types of sharks in these waters. You'll find whitetip reef sharks, Tawny nurse sharks, bull sharks and even tiger sharks. Be brave, gear up and go for it!

Tips on how to step outside your comfort zone

We get it, doing something new - especially when that something new is an extreme activity like these - isn't easy to do. So we have a couple of tips to help you take the big leap (literally, in some cases). First know that it's going to be safe - hundreds of people have indulged in these escapades without harm before you, and all these activities are run by trained professionals who won't let anything happen to you.

Knowing this, you should next clear your mind completely. Your mind can hold you back - don't let it.  Sometimes, if you feel like you're going to chicken out, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and push yourself into it!

Think you're ready to add some excitement into your life? Schedule these experiences and just have fun!