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Fun Fijian facts for kids

How much fun are you going to have in Fiji? Loads, we should think! All that hot sunny weather, lovely big beaches and cool animals will probably make Fiji the best holiday you've ever had! Now you can amaze your friends when you get back home with these fun Fiji facts!

Cannibalism (eating another person) used to be a normal thing in Fiji!

Don't worry, they don't do it any more, but the people that live in Fiji used to enjoy eating other people! Normally, though, the people they ate would be their enemies who were trying to take their land. When one tribe started a war with another tribe, the people would get their knives and forks out, ready to eat their defeated rivals. Gross!

Sometimes, misunderstandings between the Fiji locals and people from another country caused big problems. A man called Thomas Baker visited the islands in 1867. When he first arrived, the Fijians were very friendly to him and gave him a place to stay, but it all went wrong when Mr. Baker accidentally touched the village chief's head while trying to reach his hat. Even if it was an accident, touching the chief's head in those time was a way of saying 'I want to go to war with your village!' so the tribe decided to eat Mr. Baker and his friends instead! They even tried to eat his shoes!

Fijian ladies celebrate the New Year by kicking an orange!

Sometimes, as a special treat, your mummy and daddy will let you stay up until midnight on the last day of the year, called New Year's Eve, so that you can be awake for the very first second of the New Year. In Fiji, the women in the villages play a game called veicaqe moli, which means 'kick the orange' in your language. It's kind of like soccer, only played with an orange. The winning team gives a present to the losing team, which is normally new clothes!

You can time travel in Fiji!

If you stand in a certain place on Tavenui Island, you are right on the spot of what is called the International Date Line, which is used to decide what day it is in the world. This means that if you walk on one side of the imaginary line, it will be Tuesday, but if you take a few steps back, it will be Tuesday! How cool is that?