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Fiji's sweets / deserts you need to try on your next trip

If you've been dieting because you want to look good in your swimwear for an upcoming Fijian adventure, then it's finally time to reward yourself. Fortunately, you can't undo months of hard work in just a couple of weeks so you get to play the taste-tester of all of Fiji's sweetest treats! Don't worry, if you feel like you've over-indulged then just go for a quick run on the white, sandy beaches.

Without further ado, let's check out (and drool over) just some of the fine dessert delicacies that this paradise has to offer.


This is one of Fiji's richest desserts. A blanket of thick coconut milk covers vudi - a fruit resembling a banana/plantain hybrid - which is then covered with a layer of coconut shavings. This treat is the ultimate comfort food and should be followed by a nap on the beach.

Honey Cake 

Without any description, we bet you're already starting to taste this scrumptious-sounding delicacy. Honey cakes are a popular treat in many countries, but no one really does it like the Fijians do! Ginger, cinnamon, sour cream and almonds fuse together to create a dish that will make your taste buds sing. This version of the dessert is also made with a bread as opposed to a traditional cake, so it's much less dense.


This tasty Fijian pudding is also known as cassava pudding, but locally referred to as vakalolo. It is one of the most popular desserts in Fiji. Pick up a fork and taste the flavours of fresh cassava, coconut and ginger drizzled with coconut cream and sugar syrup - a combination that really can't be beat. Give it a try and you'll instantly understand how this is an island must-have.

Fruit salad 

Okay so if you're still trying to be a little bit healthy, opt for natures candy - a fruit salad! All the best tropical fruits mixed into one bowl? Hard to complain about that. We're talking mango, papaya, pineapples and bananas - just sprinkle some sugar on top and you won't be able to put your fork down until it's done.

What are you going to try first? It's hard to decide isn't it? But the good news is they're there for you as long as your stay, so you can try them all plus more. And because you're on vacation, break some rules and eat dessert before dinner.