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Fiji: Pamper Me

Coral Coast of Fiji Spa Treatments

I’ve died and gone to heaven. It even says it on the door.

It’s 8 am and the sun is peeking through the clouds as I lay in a bath of milk on the edge of a cliff. All I can see are the rolling waves of the Coral Coastline and coconut trees dancing in the breeze.

The champagne bubbles in my flute mimic the frothy bath water and I am three choc-covered pieces of banana down, and more than my fair share of a two-person fruit platter, before my 30-minute soak comes to a close.

I lazily climb out onto the massage table, though I am surprised I don’t slip straight off with skin this smooth.

“Now we will begin your message”, my therapist Amelia Nareba says. Well, if we must.

I am at the Bebe Spa at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort and let me tell you, this alone is reason enough to plan a trip to this country. 

60-minutes goes by and I am two-parts wanting to cry (when you ask for a ‘hard’ pressure massage, the Fijian’s do it HARD), and two-parts convinced I am never leaving the lomalagi room, which means heaven in Fijian.

Amelia senses my inability to function and proceeds to braid my hair as I explain how I am far too relaxed to move.

Let’s just say, if I didn’t have a plane to catch, I’d be writing this from the suds of that milk bath.

The best part, you can do this too. Here are just a few ways to get seriously relaxed in Fiji.

Bebe Spa, Outrigger Fiji

Bebe Spa Outrigger Resort

This beautiful spa sits above the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort on a plateau known to the locals as Vakalomalagi Hill, which means Heavenly Hill. If you’re keen for a solo treatment or want something romantic for two, this mountain-top paradise has you covered. Prices range from AUD$17, up to AUD$575, so there is something to meet your every need and budget. I can personally recommend the Romantic Discovery which is designed for a couple, but if you want the whole fruit platter and champagne to yourself (amen, sister), then solo is the way to do it. This will set you back AUD$349 per couple for 1.5hours of bliss.

Warwick Spa, Warwick Fiji

Warwick Fiji Spa

Tell me there is something more relaxing than a spa treatment right before bed… I’ll wait. At Warwick’s luxury spa, they’re open 9am-9pm, so if you’re feeling a solid pamper session before bedtime, this is the place to enjoy it. Nestled in a gorgeous oasis near the Warwick’s adults-only wing of the resort, this spa feels like a word away from anyone and anything. And, it’s reasonably well-priced. A 50-minute Tropical facial will set you back about AUD$100, which is less than you would pay in Australia. But if you’re wanting to treat yourself, the Liga Va massage – which includes two therapists working on your body simultaneously, it will blow your mind and body into a state of pure relaxation and it’s less than AUD$150.

CHI, Shangri-la Fijian Resort and Spa

CHI Spa Shangri La Fijian Resort

Another gem on the Coral Coast, the Shangri-la has recently opened its brand-spanking adults-only wing of the resort (January 2019), and right next door is the CHI spa. So if you’re looking for a romantic vacation or one jam-packed with your own self-care, then get along to this beachfront resort and into CHI. You can’t go past the signature CHI hot stones treatment (AUD$160), and a 60-minute customised facial for dessert (AUD$100).

Yoga and meditation

If you’re looking for some serious self-care, then why not dedicate your trip to it. Fiji has a range of resorts that offer yoga and meditation sessions. Why not tack on an extra few days after your family vacation and you will arrive back home a new person.