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Fiji: Eat it, Drink it, See it, Do it

Wicked Walu at Warwick Fiji

It is funny how quickly the buzz of an overseas trip wears off once you return to the daily grind. Chances are a week back on home soil and the mind is already racing to plan the next holiday.

If Fiji is on the cards, and it absolutely should be, then this is the one blog you need to read before you go. This is the five-minute guide to what to eat, drink, see and what to do on the Coral Coast of Fiji.

We’ve heavily summarised and this is just a tiny peek at what is on offer, but better to be armed with a grain of information than nothing at all to ensure you don’t miss out on the best bits.


Sazanami and Wicked Walu at Warwick Fiji

Google ‘best eats in Fiji’ and the top two restaurants that appear are both on the Coral Coast. Better yet, they’re both at the Warwick resort! Sazanami is a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant with all the finest delicacies, and the Wicked Walu will actually blow your mind. It’s a stunning bure on its own island about 30m from the beach. Highly recommend the seafood platter which will leave you with post-food-coma cravings for weeks to follow.


Pronounced Ko-kon-da, this fresh dish is similar to ceviche and just as delicious. It’s one of the most popular dishes in Fiji and is made with white fish marinated in lime and coconut cream, served in a coconut with chillies. Order this as an entrée or as the perfect light lunch on a hot Fiji day.

 Fijian Kokoda


About 37 per cent of Fiji’s population is Indian, and if anyone has perfected the curry, it’s them, so you’re in safe hands. Over the years the Fijian flavours and Indian classics have fused making it a taste sensation unlike anywhere else in the world. If you only try one curry while in Fiji, make it a fish curry – you can’t do better than a curry made from the catch caught that day.



When in Fiji, do as the Fijians do. And that means downing a bowl of kava. It looks and tastes like muddy water, but this ceremonial traditional drink is a special part of the culture. It’s also a muscle relaxant and will make your tongue and lips numb, so prepare for that. Be sure to ask for some of the local ‘real’ kava, rather than the ‘tourist kava’ they’ll try to sell to you.

 Strawberry and Vanilla Martini

A mix between a strawberry milkshake, and a strawberry Nesquik from your childhood, this girlie dream is incredibly more-ish and you’ll find it at the Sundowner Bar and Grill at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort on the Coral Coast. It’s made up of strawberries, below42 vodka and strawberry liquor shaken with a hint of vanilla and cream and served in a chilled martini glass. Sure you could make one back at home, but with the sunset view you get to sink it down with, it really won’t come close.

 Coconut water

Fiji is known for its coconuts, so be sure to grab a fresh young coconut, chop the top off and drink the fresh coconut water. Incredibly refreshing and nutritious, this is real coconut water – better than anything that comes in a tetra pack and is sold in a grocery store.


 Firewalking and twirling

If you want to watch a bunch of tough-looking men in skirts walk across hot coals (let’s be honest of course you do), then make sure you see a fire walking ceremony at one of the Coral Coast resorts. While you’re feeling all fiery, get a seat at the fire twirling performance, too, another must-see. These guys have some serious skill with a flaming baton and the performances are usually on the beach around sunset which makes for an incredible experience.

 Fire Twirling  - Outrigger Fiji Resort & Spa

The reef

No matter whether you’re a diver, snorkeler or would rather look through a glass-bottom boat, there is a stunning coral reef with your name on it. They don’t call it the Coral Coast for nothing, so make sure you feast your eyes on what Fiji has to offer offshore.

 Sunrise and sunset

Sounds cliché, but watching the sun rise and set on the Pacific is like nowhere else. Yes, you’re on holidays to enjoy a sleep in or five, but pull yourself out of bed even one day to catch the beautiful sunrise, and don’t make any plans except to sip a cocktail on the beach come sunset – they’re the quintessential Fiji holiday things to see, and you should soak up every second.


 Biausevu waterfall and village tour

This will hands-down be one of the highlights of your trip. Biausevu Village is a few minutes from the Warwick Fiji on the Coral Coast and is the gateway to a stunning hike (or horse trail ride) to a monstrous waterfall where you can swim and relax for hours. Plus, you’ll enjoy a traditional kava ceremony with the village chief and be taken on a tour of the village to show you how the locals really live. This is a must-do experience.

Sigatoka River jet boat safari

It has won a stack of awards for being the best adventure tour operation in Fiji, and there is a good reason why – it’s amazing. The half-day adventure transports you along the Sigatoka River, deep into the heart of Fiji with visits to authentic local villages, all at the high speed of a jet boat. Serious fun, and a brilliant cultural experience for the whole family.

 Sigatoka River jet boat safari

Coconut husking

It sounds a little boring, but watching the Fijians husk a coconut is pretty darn mesmerising. Consider it building life skills - how else will you know how to survive on a stranded island if you don’t learn the art of cracking a coconut? Most resorts have demonstrations each day and it only takes about 20-minutes and is well worth it.

What are you waiting for? Book your Fiji holiday now!