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Everything you need to know about Fiji's Mount Tomanivi

Mount Tomanivi in Fiji is special for a number of reasons. For a start, it's where you can be immersed in the nature of Fiji and is the highest climbing mountain throughout the island nation.

Let's talk facts

Once known as Mount Victoria, this mountain is located on the north coast of Viti Levu and stands at 1,323 metres or 4,341 feet. The distance altogether is 4.5 kilometres and has been classed as a difficult climb. Because of this you should tackle the mountain on without your kids or with your fit teenagers.

However, if you are fit, it's possible to climb to the peak and back down in a day. The average time it takes to climb to the top is six hours, but you can do it in 4-5. After your day of hiking, you can relax at your resort or taking a dip in the pool when you get back.

Why you should visit

Mount Tomanivi was once a fiery volcano, but has been extinct for years. Today the walk is where you'll see many native trees and plants, and come into contact with some of the wildlife of Fiji. You'll feel like you've stepped into rugged and authentic Fiji, with ferns, trees and singing birds surrounding you.

Those who have climbed the mountain say it is difficult, particularly when you get toward the peak and the incline becomes very steep, but is very rewarding and a truly fantastic climb. You can see the volcanic crater and from the top see all the way to the Yasawa islands. There is also nothing quite like being able to say you climbed the highest mountain in Fiji.

You can reach the mountain through Navai, the Coral Coast village, which is an hour and a half drive from the town of Tavua. In Navai you can hire a guide to the top of the mountain. Don't forget to take good walking shoes, wear comfortable clothes and pack water and snacks.