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Diving Fiji's Malolo Barrier Reef


With crystal clear water and wildlife in abundance, it's no wonder that ranks Fiji as the most photogenic underwater destination in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Malolo Barrier Reef

There are dozens of great locations across Fiji's 300-odd islands, but one of the most beautiful areas for diving is without a doubt the stunning Malolo Barrier Reef in the Mamanuca Islands. Located just off the coast of Viti Levu, the Mamanucas are a group of 20 islands that have long been established as some of the country's most popular, with plenty of great resorts to suit every taste. Accessible by a short half-hour plane trip from Nadi, or by ferry, the Mamanucas are truly gorgeous. In fact, you've probably seen them on TV's "Survivor" or in the hit Tom Hanks film "Castaway."

Once there, some of Fiji's most famous diving sites are only a short boat trip away. Here are a few of our favourites.

The Supermarket

Perhaps the most well-known site on the entire reef, The Supermarket is famous as one of the world's best places to get up and personal with a shark! In this case, reef sharks of the grey, blacktip and whitetip variety. Don't worry, it hasn't earned it's name from eager tourists being snapped up left and right. The Supermarket actually gets its title from the experienced Fijian divers who can be seen feeding the sharks three times a week. Ranked by Dive Site Directory as a five-star location, this is one that you'll be remembering for a while!

Big W

Another location with a five-star ranking from Dive Site Directory, the Big W is a perfect example of one of the types of diving that Fiji is well-known for - wall diving. Swimming down huge vertical walls of coral is considered to be one of the most impressive dives that you can do, and in the case of Big W, that wall just so happens to be in the shape of a giant letter W. A truly spectacular site, the location also feature stunning fish and even manta rays if you're lucky.

Gotham City

Holy coral Batman! Lonely planet refers to Fiji as the "soft-coral capital of the world," and at locations like Gotham City it's not hard to see why. Batman's busy with Superman at the moment, but the batfish are keeping an eye on the place for him, to make sure that nobody tries to take off with any of the rainbow coral that makes this diving location an absolute delight. Ranked as a beginner dive, it's great for families with younger children or that aren't as experienced.