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Discovering Fiji: Explore the tropics on a Fijian island cruise

Discovering Fiji: Explore the tropics on a Fijian island cruise

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is a gorgeous archipelago of over 330 islands - each contributing to the unique beauty of the region. The expansive reefs and lagoons, pure white sand and crystalline waters are only a part of what makes Fiji a desirable holiday location for vacationers of all types. With welcoming locals and seemingly endless natural geography to be explored, Fiji may be the quintessential beach holiday destination.

It's not just the islands themselves that make for a great escape, Captain Cook Cruises run regularly between and around the islands too. This presents travellers with an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the archipelago from a unique perspective. The smaller size of the cruise ships means they can get up close and personal with the reefs, marine life and striking geography of Fiji.

Fiji cruise options

Taking a cruise through the islands of Fiji is an absolute must for anyone visiting the destination. Captain Cook Cruises have a range of different options, so whether you're in for a brief excursion or an unforgettable week on the sea, there's something for everyone.

A cruise is a fantastic way to discover every unique corner of Fiji

Day cruises

The day cruise to Tivua Island is simply one of the best ways to spend a day in Fiji. Tivua is a smaller island separated from the busier tourist spots, it offers a simpler way to enjoy Fiji. While you're on Tivua for the day you can take part in cultural activities like coconut fibre weaving or a kava ceremony. There's a bunch of activities for kids, and for those set to relax, you can always kick back on the quiet beaches or explore the 500 acre coral garden.

If you've ever fancied sailing into the sunset, then a dinner cruise could be for you. Leaving later in the day to take advantage of the gorgeous South Pacific sunset, the cruise includes a barbecued feast and entertainment from local talent. This cruise also rounds the spectacular Mamanuca islands, the views of which may even compete with the sunset.

From the geography to the people, Fiji has so much to offer.

Small ship cruises

Captain Cook offers a great range of small ship cruises with options to explore Fiji from all sides, with excursions running from three to 11 nights, The small ship cruises to the Yasawa Islands are a great way to make the most of a short visit to Fiji. There are two great options here - the first is three nights exploring the southern part of the Yasawa's as well as the wondrous volcanic islands of Mamanuca. The second of these shorter cruises traverses the more remote northern islands of Yasawa over four nights.

    • The Yasawa Islands 

Both of these options provide travellers with a fantastic chance to make the most of their visit to Fiji. Both cruises offer multiple chances to kayak, swim or snorkel some of the most pristine and wonderful waterways in the country, including many spots Fiji has become famous for. Because there is so much to see, you'll have the chance to explore a new region every day. Whether you're keen to check out the gorgeous views from Mana-I-Nuku Cay or visit the famous Blue Lagoon, these short cruises are an ideal way to maximise your Fiji experience.

    • Discovery tours

Captain Cook Cruises also offers seven-night adventures through the region. There are a few choices here, but Hoot Holidays recommends the discovery cruises. The Colonial Fiji option takes vacationers through some of the key spots of Fiji's colonial history - from the heritage sites of Levuka to a walking tour of the former leper colony at Makogai. Another great option is the Four Cultures tour, a cruise that circumnavigates the Vanua Levu and invites you to meet the widely varying cultures of Fiji - Fijians, Indians, Ellice Islanders and Banabans. History buffs and the naturally curious will find the Discovery Cruises an absolute delight.

    • The route less travelled

The 11-night Lau and Kadavu cruise takes travellers off the beaten path of tourist Fiji, venturing to remote islands and locations, offering keen explorers an intimate experience of this part of the world that is usually afforded only to locals. Snorkeling, diving and swimming are all still on the agenda, however you'll also get the chance to meet some nesting turtles, witness the famous wood turning of the locals on Kabara and examine the ruins on Wailagi Lala.

Whether you're in just a few nights or basing your whole trip around the cruise, there's no better way to enjoy Fiji

Whether you're taking the family for the trip a lifetime, a loved one for a romantic getaway, or you're just after some fun in the sun with a group of friends - a cruise is a fantastic way to take advantage of all that Fiji has to offer - and while we've talked through our favourites, these are far from all that's on offer. Every cruise option can be tailored to your holiday plans, which makes them a great choice for immersing yourself in the culture and sites.

Though Fiji is only a few hours by plane from Australia, it feels like a world away - if you're looking at destinations for your next holiday, Fiji cannot be missed. Get in touch with Hoot to find out more.