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Check out the weird creatures of Fiji


Do you get easily excited when you see an animal? We're talking everything from dogs on the street to cats in the windows to squirrels in the trees being a thrill for you to look at. From time to time, you've even found yourself blindly shoving people out of your way and stopping traffic to get to the puppy across the street. And, if you're a real animal lover, you've found this introduction in no way at all ridiculous.

So now that we've established that you're the type of person who enjoys the company of people, but would sometimes (or most of the time) prefers a snuggle from an animal, then we think you need to head to Fiji. This tropical paradise has some bizarre creatures that you are absolutely going to lose it over! Just take a look.

Monkey-faced flying fox (bat)

Sounds a little made up, doesn't it? But this little guy is real, and he is the sweetest looking bat you've ever seen. This animal has big, curious orange eyes and fuzzy brown body that grows to be about 20 centimetres large. Their leathery wings hug their body as they sleep - but it's cosy looking enough that you'll probably wish you were wrapped up in there taking a snooze yourself. You can find these curious creatures hiking around Des Voeux Peak.

Rare Crested Iguana 

There are tons of little reptiles crawling all over the Fijian islands, but the most interesting of the bunch is undoubtedly the rare crested iguana. So rare is this creature, that they've only known about it for a couple of years! These evasive lizards can be found crawling around a tiny island off the coast of Vanua Levu. This reptile has a greenish-blue body lined with short, white spines running down it's back. If you come across one of these guys, you're in for a real treat!


This furry critter might look cute at first, but they're actually rather fierce predators. The mongoose is not native to the islands, they were first brought to Fiji to help control the rats in the sugar cane fields. But now they also feast on the reptiles and birds as well. They aren't the most welcomed animal, but it's still not uncommon for you to see one running around, so don't be scared!

Now you're perfectly prepared to identify all the major animals you see running around the islands on your tropical getaway!