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An August event in Fiji that you won't want to miss

This upcoming August the Vodafone Hibiscus Festival will take place in Fiji and is set to be a great event for the whole family.

In the beginning

The festival started out small in 1956 and has continued to grow. In the early stages it largely consisted of simple hand-made posters and radio advertising. The Suva Rotary Club contributed so there were some stalls and music. Not a great deal of people showed up to the Town Hall, where it was held. Miss Hibiscus, the beauty pageant, was a part of the festival right from the beginning, and even then the young women participating were encouraged to have informed opinions and talk about current events.


This year will be the 58th year the Hibiscus Festival will take place from August 15-23 at Albert Park in Suva. It's set to be a vivid and colourful experience where you can also learn more about the Fijian culture. It combines different qualities of island life, including arts and crafts, traditional and contemporary dances, sports and fun.

A range of events takes place every year and 2014 is no exception. The calendar is packed full with exciting events. There are talent shows, a concert, beauty contests and Pasifika night. All of the events are spread out across stages and tents, so you can wander around with your family and discover many different aspects of Fijian culture in the course of a day.

A good cause

The festival aims to bring people together to celebrate Fijian culture, while also raising funds for a particular charity. Over the years the festival has contributed money toward many charities, including those that specialise in children's homes, helping the homelessness and large families in need and blood drives. The theme of the festival is Climate Change - Affecting Human Lives, and aims to spread knowledge and inspire people to find out more.