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4 of the best kid-friendly beach drinks

One of the little pleasures of getting away and relaxing on the beach is served in frosty glass and comes with a mini umbrella, topped with a skewer of fruit. What is it? Tropical cocktails, of course! There's nothing quite like an icy treat to take the edge off.

But these brightly coloured drinks don't just look appetising to you, they probably also making kid's mouths water as well. As you know, even when on island time it is not a good idea to serve your children alcohol. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives.

While you're lounging in beach chairs on your family getaway to Fiji, serve up these yummy beach drinks that are appropriate for all ages.

1. Coconut water

Perhaps the most classic tropical treat, the coconut is as healthy as it is yummy. Each nut is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help keep active bodies fuelled for hours of activity. Crack open a coconut, or go for the easier method and just grab some juice from the store, either way the whole family will stay well hydrated.

2. Fruit infused water 

Who has a sweet tooth? Fruit infused water will quench thirst while satisfying taste buds all in one sip. Find some local fruit and stir it into everyone's water bottles. Or, opt for a spa-inspired mix by plopping in a couple of lemon and cucumber slices. Be sure to pack extra fruit in case you end up snacking.

3. Fresh squeezed juice 

Have some leftover fruit? Perfect, make some freshly squeezed juices with it! This option is also much more healthy than most store-bought selections because you control how much sugar goes into the drink. It might take a little bit of work, but you'll be able to rest on the beach. It's important to note however that health experts believe juice should always be drank in moderation. Just don't exceed the daily serving of fruit and you'll be good!

4. Fruit smoothies

You're on vacation, true, but that doesn't mean nutrition should go totally out the window. You might want to just whip up a batch of nonalcoholic pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris, but those options are often loaded with sugar, so there's a better choice. Blend together your favourite fruits - like strawberries and bananas for a daiquiris replacement - and you'll have the perfect substitution for those grown-up beverages. Not to mention they're colourful too!

Now that the family has a multitude of drink options, you're ready to hit the Fiji beaches. Cheers!