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3 adventurous kids' activities in Fiji


Fiji is like one giant playground. There is an endless number of things for kids to do both on dry land and in the sparkling blue water around the islands. Of course, children who are budding adventurers might crave a little more excitement than just building sand castles, though.

To satisfy their desire for thrills, check out these family-friendly adventure activities in Fiji.

1. The Kula Wild Adventure park

The Kula Wild Adventure Park on the Coral Coast offers some unique opportunities for hands-on experiences with local wildlife. Kids can pat the rare Fijian iguana, get up close and personal to a friendly snake or learn about the hawksbill turtle.

It's more than just a wildlife park, though: there is a toddler water play area, daredevil waterslides and a cafe where mum and dad can grab a coffee. The unique zip rail is one of the best adventurous kids' activities in Fiji. A junior version of a zip line, it's like a chairlift on a small roller coaster!

If you have a burgeoning zookeeper in the family then the kids can become a ranger for a day and feed the turtles and Kula birds, among many other projects designed for their curious minds. The perfect way to keep kids occupied for the day, it's available for kids aged 7-12 and they get their very own Kula Park Ranger Uniform shirt to keep.

2. Snorkelling with manta rays

Swimming in the Yasawa Islands is a top adventure activity for kids in Fiji. Between May and October, giant manta rays glide through the waters around certain islands. These huge, gentle creatures are fascinating to watch as they perform water aerobics, performing graceful displays for onlookers.

Going on a swim safari to paddle alongside the incredible manta rays is an experience your kids will never forget.

3. Feed baby sharks on the Savala Island day cruise 

Cruising to Savala Island is a day trip to remember. As well as being pristine and beautiful, the small island is a great spot to discover more of Fiji's marine life. Hopping on a glass-bottom boat tour is a fun way for kids to get a better look at fish, but the real highlight is feeding the baby sharks!

The little critters are clearly visible and excited to be fed, so they put on quite a show, splashing and thrashing around in the crystal waters.

Is your child the next Lara Croft or Indiana Jones? Find out by nurturing their adventurous spirits and taking them on the holiday of a lifetime in Fiji!