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What do I need to know about travelling with toddlers?

Travelling with your children can be a rewarding and memorable experience, but it's important you're prepared so you're not overwhelmed by your location and looking after your little ones.

Plan your trip

Before you leave, make sure you have a plan in place for when you touch down. When you arrive, you're likely to be tired and hungry, so knowing the best way to get to your accommodation and a great place to have a bite to eat will save you unnecessary stress.

It's also a good idea to find out more about your destination of choice. What currency is used here, where are there good family restaurants, how are you going to get around and what is the public transport like? What sights do you want to see the most?

When you decide on some attractions you want to visit and restaurants you want to try, book ahead and have peace of mind that you have a place.

Give yourself time

While you might have your itinerary all sorted, with the sights you want to see and what you're doing every day, it's important to be flexible and give yourself some breathing space. You'll also have to factor in your toddler needing frequent pit stops for a drink, toilet break or nap.

Have a well-stocked travel bag

A well-stocked bag can hold everything you need for your holiday escapades. Pack some things that will keep your child entertained, such as a (durable) camera that they can channel their energy into.

If your toddler is still being potty trained, or even if they take a moment to get used to new surroundings, take pull-ups.

Take a light change of clothes, baby wipes, a small first aid kit, one or two of their favourite toys and cash. Know what the weather is going to be and pack accordingly. If you're on a tropical island, your little one can live in their togs, but if you're heading to the snow, warm clothing and layers is a must.