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Phuket for animal lovers

Colourful architecture, impeccable beaches, fabulous food and exciting adventures - the island of Phuket truly seems to have it all when it comes to tropical destinations. One of the most popular vacation spots in Thailand, Phuket has all the amenities available to ensure the trip of a lifetime, whether you're going to relax in luxury on its sandy shores or tramp into its rainforests in search of excitement.

Under the impression that the island is inhabited mostly by the lovely Thai people and tourists from around the globe? Think again - to the delight of animal loving visitors, Phuket is home to all sorts of creatures, some of which can be easily and humanely visited. Check out these three delightful animal encounters in Phuket.

Soi dog

While the humble domestic canine might not be the most exotic Thai animal on display, you'll definitely see them the most out of any creature in Thailand.

Soi Dog, a non-profit charity headquartered in Phuket, rehabilitates abandoned Thai dogs and cats and finds them new homes. The charity also works to spay and neuter cats and dogs on Phuket to reduce the number of sadly unwanted animals on the island. Soi dog shelters over 400 cats and dogs and you can visit these cuties from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Furry apes famous for their graceful tree-swinging and distinctive morning songs, gibbons have sadly been poached to the brink of extinction on Phuket. Used in bars and on the streets to attract oblivious tourists, baby gibbons have most often been taken from their mothers who are then killed.

To see these furry creatures up close without supporting poachers, consider visiting the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, which has been sheltering adopting captive gibbons and working to reintroduce them into the rainforest for over 20 years. Visiting the adorable gibbons is free and open daily other than Thursday.

Snorkelling and diving

Evidently, not all of Phuket's amazing animal life is on land. The island is world famous for its excellent scuba diving and snorkelling, with the possibility to spot an incredible array of creatures such as clown fish, manta rays and even whale sharks. Thailand has a great reputation internationally as one of the best places to learn to dive so don't be concerned if you're a first-timer. For those not looking to scuba dive, snorkelling also offers fantastic opportunities to see a kaleidoscope of colourful life.

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