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Get away from people and relax on Shipwreck Beach

At certain times of the year it's not hard to imagine that a tropical paradise like Hawaii can get a little busy. Sure, it's nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of urban life, but somebody else's screaming child can sure put a damper on a relaxing beach getaway (it's fine when they're yours, but theirs should shush). If you'd like to escape everything and everyone on Hawaii, and relax on a historical and fascinating beach, you need only head to Lanai.

Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach sees few adventurers wander its shores, which makes it the perfect place to take the kids and escape for a while. If you're staying at the Ohana Waikiki West, The Royal Hawaiian or any other Waikiki resort, pop less than 20 minutes west to the Honolulu airport and catch a quick flight to Lanai City. After you alight, make your way to a car rental place, such as Dollar Rent A Car, and grab yourself something with four-wheel drive (booking in advance is recommended).

Next, buckle up and hit the roads! Around 30-or-so minutes north of Lanai City is this fantastic beach, notorious to seafarers but perfect for sightseers. Shipwreck Beach has impressively strong currents and shallow waters filled with reefs which makes it quite dangerous for ships. In fact, there have been numerous ship wrecks near this 12-kilometre stretch of sand, the first documented of which was the Alderman Wood back in 1824.

As you soak in the perfect, sunny weather beneath a shaded palm tree, cast your eyes out across the ocean and you'll see the eerie hull of an old oil tanker. This World War II vessel, designated YOGN 42, was grounded on the reefs at the end of the war as a way of disposal. Nowadays it makes for some fascinating photographic opportunities as you play on the sands, investigate the rocks and bask in the sunlight.