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4 of the Best Summer Reads for Parents

Whether it’s lessons in love or political tales in tumultuous times, these fresh reads are the perfect poolside accompaniment. There’s no better time to read a good book than while on holiday. Here’s what’s on our 2018 reading list. 

Less, Andrew Sean Greer

Originally published in America, Less is a satirical comedy centring on the mediocre novelist, Arthur Less, who’s fast approaching 50. Less is grappling with his age and to make matters worse, he’s just received an invitation to his former long-term partner’s wedding to another man. Determined to avoid the wedding at all costs, Less embarks on a journey around the world — accepting every random offer that presents itself along the way. From romance to awkwardness — and everything in between — Less is an engaging read in every sense.

 Man Out of Time, Stephanie Bishop

Man Out of Time explores the relationship between a father and daughter whose lives have been shaped by depression, trauma and self-destruction. The novel begins in 2001 when Stella’s father Leon is reported missing. Shifting in perspective between Leon, Stella and her mother Francis, the complex story is relayed through memories and thoughts spread across past and present. Challenging and engulfing, the story deals with the difficult subject matter but is a beautiful read.

 This is Going to Hurt, Adam Kay

Based on the daily reflections of a junior doctor working between 2004 and 2010 in the UK, This is Going to Hurt provides a no holds barred account of life as a young medical professional. The compelling nonfiction book is written by British comedian Adam Kay, who has since noted, “If I had kids, I would put them off studying medicine.” From pain and sacrifice to maddening bureaucracy, the book is a love letter to those who might at any moment be holding our lives in their hands.

 Speaking Up, Gillian Triggs

Speaking Up is a memoir written by former president of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, who advocated for the disempowered, disenfranchised and marginalised. The book delves into Triggs’ fascinating career, from her time as a professional ballerina, practising lawyer and an academic specialising in international public law. Speaking Up encourages its readers to do just that — raise their voice for an important cause.


No matter which book you pick up this summer, your island trip is sure to be a blast. Get in touch with our Hoot Holiday Champions to arrange your next holiday destination.