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4 experiences in the Cook Islands you can't miss

4 experiences in the Cook Islands you can't miss

 There are many words you could use to describe the Cook Islands - remote, wild, traditional, unspoilt - but the one that will stick in your mind is 'beautiful'. If there was ever a place that deserved the label of paradise, this little island nation is it.

The beaches and lagoons are complemented by a traditional way of life that embraces local customs and cuisine, making your visit rich in culture as well as sunshine. When you go (which will hopefully be soon) you should be sure to tick off these unmissable experiences in the Cook Islands.

1. Hike Mount Maungapu

On Aitutaki Island, there is only one hike you can do, but it's a winner, and one of the  activities in the Cook Islands you can't miss. The walk up to the top of Mount Maungapu is only 20 minutes (it's a small mountain) and is well worth it for the panoramic views you'll get from the top. Aitutaki is famous for its brilliant blue lagoon which looks amazing from a boat, but arguably even better from up at the viewpoint.

2. Hire a scooter to road trip around

It doesn't matter which island you're on, the best way to get around is on two wheels. A bicycle is good, but a scooter is even better!

Cruising along on your scooter, with the wind in your hair and sunshine on your face, is a relaxing way to see more of your surrounds. You can put together your own must-do Cook Islands itinerary, scooting to all the places you want to see the most.

3. Eat like a local

For a true taste of the Cook Islands, tuck into some island delicacies. The fresh produce and tropical flavours have created a cuisine that is fun and delicious. Some of the standout dishes include ika mata, raw fish with coconut milk, poke, a cooked fruit pudding with banana and pawpaw, and curried eke, octopus in coconut curry.

All the food you eat will be delicious - they don't call it the 'Cook' Islands for nothing!

4. Go to the Saturday morning market

On Saturday mornings, head to the local market to shop for pacific wraps and tropical fruit smoothies. Chat with the women behind the stalls and take your time as you wander through - you're on island time here!

Ready to swap your nine to five for a week in paradise? Get in touch with Hoot Holidays and we will help you plan the ultimate island getaway.