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Where can you go for an authentic Balinese meal in Seminyak?

Where better to have a meal out in Seminyak, Bali, than at an authentic restaurant? This new restaurant is the place to dine out where you can enjoy all of the delectable flavours of real Indonesia. It's perfect for when you're travelling with your older kids and you want to give them a taste of the culture:

Merah Putih

This snazzy new restaurant is a marvel even before you try the food. With a magnificent dining room, complete with trees and indoor gardens, enormous windows and columns alight, is the perfect setting to enjoy your meal.

The space was created with alternative materials and unconventional techniques to create something that was visually stunning as well as eco-friendly and sustainable. The craftsmanship of the Indonesian people comes through in not only the food, but the structure of the building.

The glowing columns actually capture rainwater that contributes to the water-flow system. With top-of-the-line filters, the water is then purified and recycled and is used every day in the restaurant. On top of that, the windows have been fitted with solar glass, so light comes in without the heat - making your dining experience cool and calm no matter how humid it gets outside.

Looking through the menu, you'll be able to choose from a range of dishes. Some are traditional, while others are fresh and different and experiment with new flavour combinations and textures. The restaurant wants to honour tradition, but also engage in new ideas and try new things.

From the traditional section of the dinner menu, you can choose Pepes Ikan Tuturauga, which is snapper in banana leaves with fried squid and coconut. A great dish from the modern section is Aceh King Prawn Noodles, which is made from homemade seaweed noodles, chilli, cumin and greens.

The food is served family style - which means the places are put in the middle of the table and everyone can try each dish. This is a great way to be able to try a lot of what is on offer.