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Top 3 animal attractions in Gainyar

Gainyar, the island of Bali, is a stunning travel destination that's perfect for animal lovers. Here are just a few of the amazing animal attractions that you should check out on your family holiday.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

This park is full of glorious species from the animal kingdom, including many exotic Asian breeds. One of the key exhibits is the Kampung Gajah or Elephant Village. You'll learn all about these amazing animals in the museum, and witness them interacting with each other and their environment. The leopard and komodo dragon enclosures are also real highlights of the park.

The safari journey will take you into open and thriving habitats where a whole array of animals live, including hippopotamus, lions and rhinos.

Bali Bird Park

Here you're sure to see some of the 1,000 birds that live here. More than 250 species of bird consider the park home, including breeds from South America, South Africa, the jungle of Sumatra and Papua.

The Bali exhibit is where you'll meet exciting and colourful species from this fascinating country. You'll have the chance to see the rarest bird in the world. The Bali Starling is crisp white, with bright blue around its eye and wonderfully spiky feathers on the top of its head that somewhat resembles a mohawk.

Bali Zoo

This zoo is beautiful, with paths and gardens along with the numerous species of animals. Book yourself a hands on experience where you can feed and pet an exotic creature such as a tiger cub, crocodile or python.

The Elephant View restaurant is a great place to enjoy Asian cuisine at the end of your exciting day. In the middle of the park, you'll be able to see the elephant trail and tropical gardens while you enjoy your meal.