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Guide to getting around Bali

Don't let transport hold you back from discovering Bali! You can get everywhere you need to go with your loved ones, from the airport, to your accommodation and around the city.

From the airport

From international customs you can get a VIP or Fast Track service to take you from the airport to your accommodation for your stay. This service is said to be very good for families as it's hassle-free, quick and easy, which is exactly what you want when you get off a long flight.

The Bali VIP service includes a meet and greet at the arrivals gate before the Visa On Arrival counter. They will take your passport and VOA fee and go to the head of the line to have it processed. You'll then be escorted through the inbound immigration booth and customs. They'll also provide advice and consultation for anything you need.


Taxis are a good way to get where you need to be as they're readily available and affordable. Blue Bird Group taxis are a great option. If you don't want to barter or negotiate, ask for a meter - they'll often only accept cash in Rupiah.

Hiring a car

Another option that is surprisingly accessible is to hire a driver for the extent of your stay. If you're visiting Bali with your family, get yourself a mini-van so you have ample space. If there are no children's car seats available, hire one or bring your own.

Be aware of the fact that traffic can get hectic. What you might think will take 30 minutes could take an hour.

Public transport

The primary public transport options are buses and mini-buses. While these are also readily available, cheap and plentiful, they can be very slow as they stop for anyone wanting to get on board.