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Find peace in Ubud

A trip to Bali can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the restorative power of yoga with your older children. When you're feeling the calming effects of the retreat, you might find you're closer than ever to your teens.

Where to go?

Yoga Barn is a top retreat in Ubud where you will find classes and be introduced to other forms of healing. Be sure to take part in some of the many courses offered, including those that are in the style of Vinyasa flow, classical Hatha, Pranayama, Restorative lyengar and more.

Each of the classes focuses on different aspects of the practice, but each one is taught with fundamental knowledge of the principles of yoga and with the nourishment of the mind and body front of mind.

The environment here makes for the perfect backdrop. The grounds are vibrant and full of life, with mountains encircling the retreat and lush green foliage all around.

Visit the Garden Kafe after your yoga practice. This place offers a variety of healing foods, including fresh juice, raw snacks and sweet treats, Mediterranean omelette and macrobiotic breakfasts, such as miso soup with spinach, tofu and coriander.

The vision of Yoga Barn comes through in every aspect of the retreat so the whole place feels relaxing and down to earth.

A couple of other places to check out

If you want to continue your yogic journey in Bali, there are a few other places you can check out. Prana Yoga Room is located in the Prana Spa in Seminyak and offers a number of classes that revolve around Sivananda, superflow Vinyasa and Vinyasa slow taught by skilled instructors.

Soulshine Bali offers daily yoga and meditation classes and themed retreats such as Bali Goddess Yoga Retreat: Rest Restore Rejuvenate from August 17-24. And OneWorld retreats offer individual and group experiences that revolve around yoga, meditation and spa therapy.