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Experience Balinese culture at the Bali Art Festival

Taking part in an annual celebration is a great way to experience a country's culture. Every year Bali has some amazing festivals that transform various locations. One festival that is a major highlight is the Bali Art festival, taking place 15 June - 12 July throughout the country.

This annual arts festival has been called a feast for the eyes and senses. It showcases traditional Balinese culture through food, crafts and performances from seka, or local troupes.

The opening parade takes place at Renon Square Denpasar. Floats, cultural acts and hundreds of people decked out in fantastic and authentic costumes from around Indonesia make their way through Denpasar. The parade begins at the Bajra Sandhi Puputan field in Renon and ends at the Denpasar Art Centre.

During the day stalls line the streets, selling a variety of handmade crafts and food. Both you and your children are bound to find something you love as you wander from stall to stall.

Mid morning you can see music and dance from around the island and also from Indonesia. Groups exuberantly perform ancient village dances as well as classical palace dances and contemporary choreography.

Every night there are more performances across the six theatre venues that incorporate dance and music in both traditional and contemporary styles.

There are also competitions, offering makings, interactive seminars and a handicraft exhibition. Getting involved in all aspects of the celebration is a wonderful way to learn more about the Balinese culture with your children.

The entire celebration is said to be the culture event of the year and is pumped with energy and colour and imbued with the passion and pride of the Balinese people. A busy program sets out the plan for the entire month, with multiple events happening every day. Visitors are warmly welcomed.