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Adventurous activities in Bali

Enliven your Balinese holiday with an adventure activity. There are many to choose from - some will take you to the lush jungle, whereas with others you will glide down rivers. Here are some exciting escapades you can have with Bali Adventure Tours.

Mountain cycling

From beginning to end this tour will take you to some breathtaking locations. The trail leads you from Mount Batur at Kintamani, and down through 26km of flourishing valleys and through bright green rice fields. On your journey, you'll see quaint and colourful villages as well as temples that are centuries old and the stunning bamboo forest of Taro.

Along the way you'll learn about the land, culture and the people who live here from guides who have an abundance of knowledge. You'll also pause to try flavours of the area, including fruits and spices. You'll end the tour at the Elephant Safari Park, where you will have free admission.

Elephant Safari Park

Here you will get up close and personal with the most regal and peaceful mammals on Earth - elephants. You can sit on a teak wooden chair and make your way through the jungle of Taro. The location alone is glorious, tropical and lush, and what better way to enjoy it than from atop an elephant?

You will also see them roaming around the park and taking a dip in the lake. They are friendly creatures and will allow you to walk right up to them, stroke their trunk and look into their timeless eyes. Learn more about them as well as the park from graphic displays dotted throughout.

There is also a museum on-site that has a great collection of elephant memorabilia, including the only Mammoth Skeleton in South East Asia that is 15,000 years old. If you're feeling peckish, grab a bite at the restaurant that overlooks the lake, and don't forget to stop off at the gift shop on your way out to pick up a beautiful, elephant-inspired souvenir.