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A guide to Ubud street stalls

Wherever you are in Bali, you'll encounter an array of street stalls and markets. These places can be a wonderful part of your holiday, and a place where you can pick up special items to take home and try some local cuisine. The town of Ubud has some of the best art markets in the country, and are definite musts on your Balinese getaway.

Ubud Art Market

This market is open every day and has everything from handmade woven bags, to statues and kites, to lush silk scarves. Even if you don't want to buy anything, the market is still a real treat. When you step into the market, you'll be immersed in this distinctive culture. Most of what is on sale is made locally, from neighbouring villages such as Pengosekan, Tegallanlang and Payangan and incorporates the past and present.

If you want quality items, this is the place to go. Although classic souvenirs such as T-shirts covered in "Bali" are available, most of the products are elegant and traditional, from paintings, woodcarvings, colourfully patterned skirts, Buddha statuettes and oil lamps. Whatever your taste, you're sure to find something here that you won't want to leave without.

It's a good idea to take only older kids along to this market, as haggling is expected, and you need to stand your ground. Be polite but firm and you'll walk away having purchased a gorgeous statue or woven basket for a good price.

Sukawati Art Market

This is another great place to visit in Ubud. The market has been going strong since the 80s, and also offers a variety of goods, including traditional finds to decorate your home as well as daily necessities.

Pick up some comfortable clothes for your holiday, such as sarongs, shirts and a handmade bag to carry your purchases back to your accommodation. Select some aromatherapy items to enjoy as part of a relaxing evening - you'll find oil-infused sandalwood fans, incense sticks and candles here.