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A guide of cultural events in Bali

A guide of cultural events in Bali


You may have heard the words 'tropical paradise' used to describe holiday destinations located in the warm South Pacific waters, but you probably haven't actually heard them used in the right context. What is the right context you ask?

Well, plan your next holiday to Bali and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. Because, if Bali isn't the definition of a tropical paradise, then we don't know what is! If you are picturing white sand beaches, bright green palm trees swaying in the breeze and villas that detail the shores of the azure waters, then you are right on the money.

But Bali isn't all beaches and bungalows - though those are bountiful around the country. No, there's more to this paradise than that.

Come to Bali and fall in love with the unique people, culture and events that are fun for the whole family. Let's explore some of these activities that you can participate in when you're not hoping from beach to beach.

Saraswati and Banyu Pinaruh 

Let's begin with the traditional celebration of Saraswati. This day is devoted to the Goddess of knowledge, art and literature, Dewi Saraswati. It is a holiday observed by Balinese Hindus, however, it's a great one to get the kids involved with as well - you can't go wrong with getting the family excited about learning! Locals will bless special manuscripts and offer various gifts as a form of gratitude tribute. The holiday begins on January 21.

On January 22, Bali will then observe Banyu Pinaruh. This is a day that brings families together to cleanse or purify themselves. It's typically just a nice day at the beach to relax and enjoy one another's company, so you're family can easily participate.

Bali Spirit Festival 

The Bali Spirit Festival is a little bit more lively, though it is a relatively new event as it is only in its eighth year. Come take in this unique festival that celebrates yoga, music and dance - some of the quintessential cultural components of Bali! founded by Robert Weber, a musician and filmmaker, the festival welcomes around 6,000 visitors from 50 countries around the world. There are concerts featuring contemporary international sounds - a great way to broaden the family's musical horizons. This festival typically takes place in March, in 2017 it will be held from the 19 to the 26.

Sanur Village Festival 

If you want a real slice of Balinese culture and heritage, be sure to check out the Sanur Village Festival. This even is jam packed with activities. Check out the Sanur kite Festival and fly some flags with your family. Keep the whole family moving by signing up for the fun run or fishing competition. There are also colourful parades to attend, music to dance to and new foods to try. This festival has been running for about 10 years now, and it only gets better every year providing great fun for the whole family. It is typically held at the end of August so keep an eye out for the exact date.

So there you have it. We have a feeling Bali just sky-rocketed to the top of your travel bucket list. Of course, there are tons of more events that happen throughout the year - there's really no bad time to go. And trust us, it's even better in person. In fact, just a couple of days here experiencing all that Balinese culture has to offer, and you and your family might be trying to find a way to relocate!