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6 Essential Tips for Packing Kids’ Suitcases

It’s tempting to throw everything into your suitcase the night before you head on holiday. You never know when you’re going to need a brolly or a fancy pair of shoes, right? But when it comes to holidays with kids, the power’s in the planning. Here are our tips to reduce stress (and leave space to bring home new things, too!)

 Do your Research

Tropical climates are notoriously unpredictable. So it’s a good idea to monitor the weather right up until you embark on your adventure. Once you have an idea of what to expect, you can pack the kids’ suitcases mindfully. If your kids are a little less inclined, we suggest throwing in a few extra t-shirts!

 Play Suitcase Tetris

Suitcase Tetris is a game you want to play. Pack all similar items together to fit more in and reduce stress while getting the kids ready. Itemise similar products like nappies and store them in ziplock bags. Be sun smart and pack sunscreen, hats and shades for the whole family last, so you can open your suitcase, pick them up and head straight for the beach!

 Pack for the Plane

If you’re heading on a long plane ride, make sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Download the family’s favourite flicks to your phones and iPads before you head on holiday to keep kids entertained wherever you are. Most airlines offer activity packs for the littlies. So, we suggest swapping out toys for an extra jumper, spare socks and a little snack. Think comfort.

 Prepare for Everything

Make sure you stock up on Gastro-Stop, Hydralyte sachets, sea sickness medication and any other remedies your family may need on an island getaway. You’ll spend more time sipping cocktails and lazing in the sun and less time searching for a local chemist!

 Choose Two Toys Each

No matter where you’re headed, endless adventures await for the littlies. With such big imaginations, kids can find fun wherever they go. So, let your kids pick their two favourite toys to take with them — and leave the rest behind. Not only will you save space, but you'll also empower the kids by involving them in the packing process.

 Check what you can Rent

From towels to prams and even beach toys, there’s plenty of items you can rent for the kids while on holiday. If you want to save space or reduce luggage, check out the rental options in your hotel’s area by doing a quick Google search before you go. Our Hoot Holiday Champions are always happy to help with rental tips, too!

 When it comes to packing, less is always more. For more ways to shape the perfect family holiday, chat to our Hoot Holiday Champions about our latest holiday deals.